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DSC_0133.JPGA random shot ! got lucky !
I do I get the pic to show up in the post as a pic instead of an attachment?

I wanted to ask that question too... I tried just now to click on mine and yours and I"m getting 'Invalid attachment'' ..

In order to get them to show up "inline" instead of attachments, you have to host them externally and link to them from their hosted site.

Now remember, this is only to demonstrate, so remove all the spaces (that prevent it from actually reading the code):

[i m g] http :// www . yourdomainnamehere . com / nameofthefolderthepictureisin / nameofthepicture.jpg [ / i m g ]

So, here's the example:


This image is my interpretation on the theme "hot" - this was a performance by some of the performers from Circque du Soleil (yes, the world-famous troupe) as a benefit for the Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley. The Black Cat Caberet was AMAZING, and raised over $80,000 for the animal rescue organization. I was privileged enough to photograph this event (as a volunteer) and see the amazing show.

This is hosted the same place my website is hosted, I have a folder for this forum, so I know what I'm hosting and where, and the name of the image that I'm displaying.

If you right click on your mouse, it should give you the option of displaying the image in a new window - and the url will tell you where that image came from.
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I have more Butterflies and Moths but do not want to flood the thread, posting one of three I like.


F-stop f/8
Exposure time 1/125
ISO 200
Focal length 200mm
35mm focal length 300mm
No flash
Raw JPG (No Photoshop)

DSC_8455 Boarder copy.jpg


My first post here. Hope I get it right.


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This was taken in my front yard. My daughter and I were walking by the tree and there it was. Love to know what you think. BigGreenCatipillar.jpg