Post your Insect shots


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I'll start:


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Loofa Blossom and Bug.jpg

Nikon D70

What I was shooting for was to contrast the bug with the loofa blossom. I had about 4 seconds to get this, as the
bug was flitting all over the place.
As per the suggestions from other posts, I also more closely cropped this shot than I usually do.
Tell me what you think.
Thanks in advance.

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dragonfly i took this am. please give any and all feedback. i uploaded right from camera no photoshop. thanks Kim:rolleyes:


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I obviously didn't have enough coffee this morning. what I meant to ask in the last post was "How do I get the pics to show up instead of an attachment?"




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I wanted to ask that question too... I tried just now to click on mine and yours and I"m getting 'Invalid attachment'' ..

Hi, Karlyh

Apparently you have to "manage attachments" I think you have to go to "advanced post", write your message, insert image (selection from the top of the post menu), and a window will show up to upload file. The attachments will show up in the big box, and apparently you have to drag the image of the attachment to the lower box and make sure "show inline" at the very bottom is checked.

Hope this makes sense and am not sure how much of this I got right, but I did get my ladybugs to finally show up (after repeated attempts and mistakes!)

Best regards!