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  1. Lens for D3100
  2. D3100 Pics
  3. D3100 vs D3000
  4. D3100 for beginner?
  5. SD Card
  6. D3100 or A33 (IS on lens vs built in camera body)
  7. Nikon D3100 Feedback from Digital Tips
  8. d3100 vs d5000
  9. QUESTION from a Newcomer
  10. The D3100 is one of Oprah's ultimate favorite things
  11. D3100 wireless remote
  12. HDR with 3100?
  13. HD film on D3100?
  14. New D3100 owners
  15. D3100 Tips and settings
  16. Wide angle lens
  17. Built in pop up flash as master flash?
  18. D3100 support SDXC and SDHC UHS-I cards?
  19. Sensor Size
  20. Sensor Cleaning
  21. NEF/Jpeg viewable on playback - preview not on computer HELP!
  22. Battery removal causes aperture problem . . .
  23. Updated Nikon D3100 Firmware - v1.01
  24. Series E lens on my D3100
  25. 55-300mm lens compatible with d3100?
  26. D3100 defaults
  27. D3100 Firmware Update
  28. 2Xteleconverter
  29. Macro lens for D3100
  30. D3100 Battery Grip
  31. Macro Photography
  32. First attempt at time lapse
  33. Hello and D3100 Auto-ISO question
  34. Weird spot on LCD .. has anyone else had this problem?
  35. New D3100 user having issues!
  36. USB connection to my new Mac
  37. Picture Control Modes
  38. Compact case for a D3100 and 300mm lens?
  39. Sdxc
  40. What is a 1.2 lens
  41. Re: Fan Photographer, What Lens To Use?
  42. Brand New, Straight Out of the Box Photographer
  43. Aussies a cheap 1.4G 50mm Nikon lens?
  44. D3100 battery grip now available in Canada
  45. Product Review: MeiKe Battery grip for the D3100
  46. Is the f3.5 VR 18-200 too heavy with the D3100?
  47. Series E 50mm f/1.8 with D3100
  48. Recommendation On Bag for D3100 & 18-55 zoom lens, and 55-200 zoom lens
  49. Good travel lens
  50. Photo Quality
  51. 2 Questions on Flash
  52. Focus on infinity.
  53. Tamron Lens for D3100
  54. Cleaning kit required for my D3100 & lens kit
  55. Many Photos Today
  56. Battery Life
  57. Taking pictures of stars with D3100
  58. Question about using Manual Prime lens on Nikon D3100
  59. Print Size
  60. Downtown Wetumpka, AL
  61. Auto ISO question
  62. Best photo lab
  63. First Attempt at Fireworks with the D3100
  64. join movies without re-encoding
  65. new d3100 user
  66. macro tip i learned by trial and error.
  67. Flash for D3100
  68. D3100 commercial
  69. Wedding Photographer
  70. Bright light - slow shutter speed
  71. New to 3100...have old series F zoom lens
  72. New to d3100, have comp issue w/ older (~1987) Nikon series E Zoom 75-150 mm lens
  73. I need to buy a tweaking program
  74. Focus Issues
  75. Wireless remote control (Nikon D3100)
  76. Focus and tilted image issues with my new D3100?
  77. D3100 replacement camera strap
  78. lenses
  79. New user new camera--soon what to get with it
  80. Advice on a lenses for theatre shots?
  81. Help with lens choice
  82. E Series 50mm
  83. shooting museum & fireworks with d3100
  84. autofocus setting
  85. Beginner's help question.
  86. Issue with card/computer not reading photos properly......
  87. My Adventures With My New D3100
  88. A bit more advice needed folks...
  89. suggest a lens, or two!
  90. My D3100 is back to Nikon
  91. Please help! Not auto-focusing in low light?
  92. Negative Report On "Promaster" brand 2G SD Card
  93. flash needed
  94. Flash for Nikon D3100
  95. What can I say is wrong with my D3100 so they will exchange it?
  96. Should I have kept my D40?
  97. D3100 flash issue
  98. Wireless trigger for D3100?
  99. Advice re: Raynox DCR-250 2.5x Super Macro Lens
  100. Thought I would try something different!
  101. 50mm lens
  102. taking pics of moon with d3100
  103. Somehow managed to delete a full days photos
  104. Hdr
  105. D3100 concerns
  106. Polarizing filter for D3100, 18-55 mm kit lense and 55-200 mm AF-VR lense
  107. Will Nikkor Q 135mm f3.5 work with my D3100?
  108. GPS Port Issue
  109. Any suggestions on accessories
  110. Will This Work?
  111. Camera shutter won't open for night shots
  112. Pinging from shutter?
  113. African Safari suggestions?
  114. Panorama Photo Possible w/D3100?
  115. D3100 Lenses - off Auto
  116. D3100 nighttime shooting
  117. Suitable teleconverter?
  118. Telephoto Lens 2 XPROFESSIONAL HD
  119. filters
  120. Beginner Questions
  121. D3100 Tethering Clarification
  122. HELP??? D3100 Battery Grip
  123. Exposure value problem
  124. EN-El14 Batteries
  125. Nikon D3100 - is it me or is the camera defective??
  126. won this lens on ebay
  127. Yongnuo Flash YN 465 TTL
  128. This lens any good?
  129. Manual focusing with D3100
  130. Teleconverter with D3100
  131. Flash recommendation?
  132. Outdoor photos are too dark have to change them with D-lighting
  133. Lens Choice
  134. help with indoor basketball photos
  135. Problem with my 3100 camera...
  136. Second Lens?
  137. External Flash for D3100
  138. file sequence numbers ?
  139. Changing settings in Movie Mode
  140. Question about changing a setting in the shooting menu
  141. tried out tamron 70-300 manual on 3100.
  142. filters for d3100
  143. help I hate my D3100, can't take indoor pics
  144. flash casting shadow on pics from wide angle lens
  145. Query on manual modes
  146. blurred pictures in auto mode
  147. Neewer battery grip..
  148. Northern Lights
  149. Wide angle lens for D3100
  150. New Camera - Firmware update and misc question!
  151. Opinion about Nikkon AF-S VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF-ED
  152. Newb Question: How do you change the aperture in manual mode?
  153. Newbie question on shooting the stars
  154. Will a DSLR get damaged by rough travel?
  155. Noise in FINE Jpeg, perfect in Normal and Basic?
  156. Need to pick a TRIPOD!!??
  157. LCD screen protector?
  158. What's w/ the Nikon vs. Cannon ppl?? (Also 2nd Lens)
  159. Helpful Photography Links??
  160. Help with Tokina and old canon lens to go with d3100
  161. D3100 vs D5100?
  162. Field Monitor for D3100
  163. Field Monitor for D3100
  164. D3100 flash trigger voltage
  165. Sharpness issue with D3100 photos
  166. Flash - SB-400 or YN-565
  167. Best affordable zoom for D3100
  168. Equipment for my D3100.
  169. Will this work?
  170. Best Ballhead for Manfrotto O55XPROB with D3100?
  171. Fav Lens
  172. Which One?
  173. Long lens
  174. protected image
  175. N-Photo Issue 1
  176. Yomgnuo YN560
  177. Star Trails
  178. Continuous shot setting Not Working with Flash HELP!!! D3100
  179. Washed out face
  180. Shooting at Night with very Low light. Auto focus problem
  181. Screen Protector
  182. New to the D3100, looking for some feedback
  183. File Naming
  184. Jessops flash
  185. Vivitar lenses.
  186. Color Balance issue?
  187. Overexposed?
  188. Reculver Towers
  189. D3100 is not detecting my memory card
  190. Getting pics on computer with windows 7. I cant figure it out?
  191. uv filter negitive effect on shots
  192. battery is poor is putting it lightly
  193. Tripod = best decision yet
  194. Black line or darkened horizontal edge of images
  195. Vid recording
  196. Photos taken with D3100
  197. Sigma lens
  198. D3100 - Travel Lens - What to get.
  199. Disaster!!
  200. Pics dark
  201. SD Card Can't Keep Up With D3100
  202. Stop motion software with NIKON D3100
  203. d3100 getting going
  204. Beginner going on holiday.
  205. Olympic Torch
  206. My D3100 and how I ended up with it.
  207. NIKKOR 70-300mm AF LENS for D3100
  208. d3100 and the use of NX2
  209. d3100 early thoughts 1 month on.
  210. Telephoto and Wide Angle Lenses
  211. I hiked today. D3100 35mm 1:1.8G
  212. d3100 using NX2 viewer
  213. Telephoto lens which one
  214. Exposure Compenation
  215. New owner: D3100 and speed light (sb 600?)
  216. Finding this Forum has really made a difference. Thanks!
  217. Colour Correction
  218. My new D3100
  219. Best lens for depth of field shots near macro
  220. LCD display in live mode does not change when I change appeture and shutter speed
  221. Help, blurry viewfinder
  222. Long lens
  223. D3100 Kit Photo
  224. My best picture taken so far :)
  225. Jubilee Beacon
  226. How to write captions on photos
  227. Zoom Lens?
  228. Charged battery dissipating over time without use?
  229. ISO testing
  230. re:Battery grips...
  231. Bomber Command
  232. help keep losing images
  233. watermarking photos?
  234. Shutter count
  235. D3100 Viewfinder indicators not showing up
  236. D3100 command dial not working
  237. Zoom lens recommendation?
  238. Flash popping up in auto mode
  239. Lens
  240. Drifting shots
  241. buying a 55-300mm lens
  242. Battery safety..
  243. Help please
  244. 18X55 lens zoom
  245. What books for D3100
  246. Lens
  247. Any tips for flying aircraft photography?
  248. Lenses lenses endless dilemma
  249. portrait photos
  250. brighter photo