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my first long distance air ride was in a connie. P1010079.JPG
My very first long distance air ride was in a Douglas DC-3 or as the US Navy refers to them as a C-47 Dakota. I don't have any pictures of that plane as I was only 3 weeks old when I took that flight, from New York's Laguardia Airfield to Cristobal Panama, Canal Zone Naval Air Station. My mother and I were flying down to the Canal Zone to join up with my father at his new duty assignment. He had already been there 2 weeks when we arrived. I stayed in Panama 4 years before returning to the USA.
If it was Navy, it was very likely an R4D Skytrain or C-117 Skytrooper. The Army and Air Force used the C-47 designation.

Actually my father says it was a commercial TransAir DC-3 flight. Went from Laguardia to Raleigh, NC. to Jacksonville, FL. to Miami, FL. to Guantanamo, Cuba (which wasn't fenced off then) To Balboa, Panama Canal Zone.


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Here are a couple from Fantasy of Flight in Lakeland FL. I had a lot of static shots but these were in flight..

IMG_3197.jpg IMG_3198.jpg

and a bell helicopter (H13) Korean War Vintage done in the colors of the M.A.S.H. 4077TH colors..


Enjoy everyone, until next time....

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Found myself at the end of the runway today and happen to catch this bird as it took off.


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