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  • Hi, Karlyh! Got your message and always glad to hear news from and about you. Hope you have a great and safe trip home. We'll catch up when you get settled back home (I bet that will feel good :)
    Can't wait to see more of your photos! Take care and be safe!
    So glad to hear from you, karlyh! I was glad to see you participate in the weekly challenge. . . I loved your photo! Well composed, and very nicely done technically. Very artisitc and told a story. Keep up the great work. . . you are such an artist! The technical stuff is right there, too!

    PS am not sure i'm doing this right . . . first i posted it to MY visitor messages (duh), then I thought you might not get it. So I posted it here. If you get it twice, you know what happened LOL
    Hi Karlyh
    You have some very nice Photo's added to your Gallery. I also checked out your Web-Site, you have some great shots on there awesome work. Keep up the great work happy shooting.

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