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  • i actually tried to put up what camera and accessories i use but it deleted them every time i tried to save it, almost like my camera doesnt exisit
    Do you know I'm just now seeing this comment!!.. lol Sorry about that! Thank you for your comment on my photos!!
    I shoot with a Nikon D60 currently, saving for the D300s! =]
    I shoot with a Nikon 18-55mm lens, and a Tamron 28-200mm lens.
    No i do not do studio, not my type, i do all on location. =]
    I like to have a wide range of eye candy at my finger tips. Although I would like to learn some studio style someday.

    Nice to hear from you! take care!
    Hello fotojo!
    Thank you for the Message!
    I am opening a people business ha...Portraits (such as senior), Maternity, Infants, and sometime I shoot engagement pictures. My favorite style is what you find mostly in my gallery. I really enjoy simplicity, and geometric shapes, uhm minimalist imagery i guess you call it. =]

    I Like your studio feel to your photos! Defiantly a skill to get kiddos to smile and be happy! ha
    How long has your business been around? I like your website style too! simple and easy to navigate!

    Keep in touch!
    Hi Mate, Very impressive website, only thing I can say is maybe use quieter music, but thats just my opinion. :eek:) Otherwise, excellent photos!. Cheers, Alan
    Randy: Thanks for the complements! I took a gander at your site too, and I agree with have a very nice and diverse portfolio! I think you might want to check your HTML code, though. It's compressing your images to fit in the preview space, and the aspect ratio is a bit off, giving the portraits a short/squatted look.
    Randy - I went from the D80 to the D90. I have been told by other photographers who should know that the sensor and exposure system of the D90 and the D300 are the same. The difference between the cameras are in the function features. I can't say if that's correct or not. But it sounds good. Wow, you got a great deal on that D300. I paid almost that much for my D90. Darn, some people have all the luck.

    Good shooting,
    Hi Randy, thanks for the nice comment on the Gallery.I took a look at your Gallery and you have some really nice pictures there. I especially like the Sea Gull with his mouth open. well done. It's different from most Sea Gull head shots and you can't help but smile when you look at it.

    Yes I have the Grip but don't find it that useful. The grip adds a lot of weight and lugging it around is a lot more bothersome than just taking a few seconds to change batteries. But that's my take on it. A lot of photographers use it and like it. It works well for them.

    The D300 is a great camera. Wish I had the money to get one, but the D90 is still a great camera and does all I need.

    I've seen your postings before on various forums. As you have probably seen I jump around and don't limit my self to just the D90.

    Happy shooting,
    Nice website! You have a very diverse portfolio. My site is here if you want to look: Welcome to!

    I have the Nikon 18-200 - the original version. It is an incredibly handy lens but I tend to use my 17-55 the most.
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