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  1. Time for a D3200 Thread?
  2. Nikon D3100 vs D3200
  3. Nikon D3200 vs D5100
  4. Anyone Preorder/Order the D3200?
  5. D3200 a good beginner DSLR?
  6. D3200 Digitutor
  7. A few questions about the D3200...
  8. Old AF lenses on D3200?
  9. D3200 in India?
  10. Aloha Gang,...Noob here with a D3200
  11. 3200, 3100 or 5100
  12. D5100 vertical grip will fit D3200
  13. Formatting card
  14. 240 dpi
  15. grid display on d3200?
  16. LCD Display
  17. Diffraction issues with D3200?
  18. D3200 Image quality and size.
  19. converting footage shot from Nikon D3200 to FCP does not work?
  20. Using Manual Lens
  21. Please help a newbie choose a decent/cheap telephoto zoom lens
  22. Back to the factory it goes ...
  23. flash?
  24. Autofocus spot appears off centre
  25. Refusal to auto focus
  26. Friend Just Bought a 3200
  27. Pictures taken in Auto mode look "blown out"
  28. Focus confirmation indicator?
  29. Loud shutter noise
  30. help with shooting gemstones
  31. My wife drug me into a Target store today, and I saw ...
  32. D3200 on sale
  33. Add date as prefix to filenames?
  34. Help!!! Firmware and "fn" button
  35. Cancel Automatic Flash?
  36. Black friday deal on D3200 - $100 off + 16gb card & camera bag
  37. Normal or fine setting?
  38. How to selective color on Nikon D3200?
  39. New to Nikon need help plez
  40. SD card question
  41. Help me Choose a Lens
  42. Useless post!!!
  43. Benefits of shooting Raw?
  44. Two New Lenses
  45. Night time movie recording
  46. Optimal Lens for skyline shooting
  47. Shooting Christmas Lights?
  48. Nikon D3200 goes up to ISO 3600 in cloudy days
  49. What settings to apply in order to take low ISO photos in low light with D3200?
  50. Purchased
  51. Information needed. Newbie.
  52. Newbie: How to create Star Trails
  53. D3200 off camera flash gun set up?
  54. New D3200 owner - Hello Everyone!!
  55. Wireless Trigger and TTL Flash
  56. White Balance Recording Indicator?
  57. How do you set up an Hot shoe with 2 umbrella lights for the d3200?
  58. D3200 Screen Too Bright?
  59. LeAp Of fAiTh?
  60. Mt First HDR
  61. I'm the idiot of the day
  62. Focusing Problems
  63. Newbie with a newbie question: How to get Date Stamp to show on images?
  64. Vacation Pictures
  65. Lenses on the D3200
  66. Nikon SBN5 Flash
  67. Newbie on a D3200
  68. Off Camera Flash
  69. Compatible lens that can be used on D3200
  70. reducing noise in movie mode.
  71. How to capture a fast moving subject with no blur? Thanks
  72. Sigma Lens on a 3200 AF?
  73. Vertical grip on 3200 ..what batteries ?
  74. Purchasing D3200, Have a few ?'s
  75. D3200 vs D5200?
  76. How to do HDR?
  77. Upgrade to D7000??
  78. Camera Armour ( Armor)
  79. Nikon WU-1A Wireless Utility Adapter
  80. Can't autofocus in live view, and some other issues
  81. What camera to buy? 3100 or 3200?
  82. Wu-1a wireless adapter
  83. New With D3200
  84. Best Aftermarket Batteries And Battery Grip For D3200?
  85. D3100 into a D3200 or Should I?
  86. Lens help!
  87. D3200 AF inconsistency
  88. d3200 shooting delay in aperture prio and flash mode
  89. How To Deal With Dirt Specs In Camera?
  90. Query on back of display?
  91. Newbie question for speedlite YN560 II
  92. Will A Battery Grip For A D3100 Fit A D3200 Properly?
  93. Opinions on lenses?
  94. New 3200 user and a couple of questions
  95. I need examples from d3200 users
  96. new to this
  97. New D3200 owner
  98. Cannot see through viewfinder
  99. Nikon D3200 - problem with single point auto focus
  100. D3200 Firmware Upgrade
  101. Upgrading Glass
  102. Sigma Aspherical Macro 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens NIKON AFD
  103. Looking to buy a D3200
  104. I can't auto focus my lens on my D3200
  105. Screen resolution
  106. 'Auto' Mode dial suddenly stopped working (not focussing anymore)...
  107. Best options for photographing packaging
  108. camera on/camera off
  109. USB device not recognized. Device Malfunctioning
  110. Can't access the AF-area mode Viewfinder
  111. HELP! NEW D3200 owner - what lense next?
  112. help! m42 on d3200!
  113. Going from D3000 to a D3200
  114. D3200 takes too long to take next shot
  115. upgrade from D3200
  116. Is this normal behavior for the D3200?
  117. Shooting menu options are disabled - why
  118. Disable the white light when shooting a picture
  119. Trouble shooting indoors with my D3200
  120. D3200 car power supply?
  121. Can't change the shutter speed or App
  122. shadows
  123. Lens suggestions Nikon D3200
  124. D3200 with GPS (GP 1-A)
  125. Disable the lcd screen in timelapse
  126. Chicago Architecture Boat Tour - Lens suggestions
  127. Flash Bracket
  128. Fireworks from a boat
  130. Cabling 3200 to a MacBook Air - Possible?
  131. cannot go liveview and cannot start playback
  132. I need help with a decision about my nikon D3200 lens, please help!
  133. Is your shutter loud?
  134. Which lens would you buy?
  135. D3200 and a speedlight
  136. Best settings for taking photos at night?
  137. Iso
  138. Restricted shutter speeds when using flash?
  139. Light Meter
  140. Movies to ipad with wu-1a
  141. Hair color looks different
  142. Noobie Here
  143. Photos from the D3200
  144. Tips for a newbie?
  145. Shutter release cable with d3200 = Only 100 Images?
  146. selector wheel
  147. Night sky pictures - how to focus?
  148. Playback not available?
  149. I bought myself a Nikon D3200 a few weeks ago how do you timelapse?
  150. Exposure?
  151. Refurbished Question
  152. Remote Shutter Release
  153. Lens Compatibility
  154. Force flash
  155. Grid Lines
  156. Lens cap?
  157. Bulb mode - 30 min limit? Or indefinite?
  158. Hmmm time to buy a lens! Any suggestions?
  159. Light Streams..
  160. Requirements for shooting sport
  161. D3200 DX18-55 mm lense will not focus...
  162. Photo from my anniversary trip
  163. Nikon D3200 Problem
  164. New to the forums,,,,
  165. Sigma 70-300 or Nikon DX 55-200
  166. Red eye reduction flash
  167. My Female american bulldog
  168. India my Staffordshire Bullterrier.
  169. Tug my male american bulldog
  170. Fighting Pidgeons
  171. Restoring Menu settings...
  172. Page 169 of the owners' manual, says non-AI lenses cannot be used with the D3200
  173. compatible lens for nikon d3200
  174. D3200 pictures are often 'dull' in colour
  175. AF Point Problems
  176. Need flash help
  177. EN-EL14 Battery Cap
  178. Weird distortion in photos.
  179. Sigma APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM
  180. Problems with exposure
  181. Camera and rain
  182. LCD screen sun hood
  183. Need help with lens.
  184. Problems with playback folders and memory card
  185. Weird D3200 video problem. (Either than or I'm going insane.)
  186. Pictures at a friends wedding
  187. Help me, going to buy a 70-300mm lens
  188. Can't take another picture after first shot is taken
  189. Ordered a Tokina 11-16mm
  190. Noise when tilting the camera
  191. Whats the best lens for taking video.
  192. Hello everyone at the D3200 Forums!
  193. Looking For Lens Recommendations.
  194. Applying screen protector to monitor
  195. Nikon AF-S DX 35mm 1.8g
  196. Nikon D3200 and NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR Lens/Tamron 70-300mm F4/5.6 DI LD Ma
  197. issue with video
  198. straight pictures
  199. How to Take Panoramic Picture?
  200. Problem with live view shooting the moon
  201. Nikon 3200 Viewfinder problem
  202. Help! My LCD screen seems dead.
  203. Sports photography help.
  204. Best Lens For D3200 Shooting Macro and Others
  205. D3100 to d3200 worth it?
  206. D3200 Exp Mode, malfunction OR ?
  207. Advice on buying - Ebay or other.
  208. This might be useful from You tube
  209. Case
  210. Third Party Battery Grip Any suggestions?
  211. Pictures print darker than they appear on LCD screen
  212. Recoding videos using Nikon D3200
  213. What does this data mean
  214. Question from a beginner.
  215. D3200 S mode clicking black/blank photos
  216. D3200 w/ 16GB SD having screen delays after turned off
  217. Screen Protector
  218. problem with d3200
  219. Auto focus not working on d3200
  220. Overcomming the low pass filter?
  221. My D3200
  222. Photo Software
  223. Looking for advice on this D3200 bundle on Amazon
  224. how to change "info background color" in M mode ??
  225. Question on HW for my Photography class about my Nikon D3200?
  226. Photo Printer Suggestions
  227. Time lapse on Nikon D3200
  228. just got new D3200 need help
  229. Camera in vehicle
  230. problems with recording on my nikon d3200
  231. resizing photos
  232. Long vacation days...
  233. bubble spirits
  234. All white background
  235. D3200 video files won't play properly in Vista
  236. Picking starting point *OTHER THAN* DSC_001...
  237. Help - D3200 Playback Not Available
  238. Portrait Lenses
  239. Image Processing Time
  240. Tokina 11-16 autofocus
  241. Please indulge me for a moment...
  242. Macro lenses.
  243. Little advice please!
  244. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh how to quieten the D3200
  245. Do you recommend using noise reduction in Video Mode?
  246. D3200 photos coming out black
  247. white balance problem nikon d3200
  248. By jove I think I might be getting it.
  249. Landscape D3200 lens
  250. RAW file processing ViewNX 2