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  1. I want to buy a speed light for my d3100.....please help me
  2. bargain pricing
  3. zoom lens
  4. What Lens??
  5. D3100 Shutter Release suggestion
  6. Old AF micro Nikkor 55mm on a D3100
  7. Wide angle lens for D3100
  8. Opinions on a lens
  9. d3100 remote photography
  10. d3100 graduated filters
  11. d3100 user needs all weather point n shoot
  12. macro
  13. FREE! FREE! FREE! That's right... FREE! D3100 Wireless Remote Control
  14. got to much info on screen after taking picture
  15. cpl lens quality?
  16. Focus Points
  17. d3100 teleconverter/doubler
  18. aquatic pics
  19. Newbie - hello - help A Mode settings.
  20. Tethered Capture with the Nikon D3100 on a MAC ONLY!
  21. Macro with kit lens
  22. Whats wrong with my camera?
  23. D3100 & ubuntu
  24. d3100 infrared pics?
  25. Thin black line through photos
  26. D3100 OEM batteries now available!
  27. Interesting playback issue
  28. Landscape lens
  29. decoding flash model numbers
  30. Buying a D3100 package
  31. Sandisk 8GB SDHC card gets write-protected
  32. Flash problem
  33. dof adjustment
  34. Tips on taking photos at parties
  35. Advice on getting photos printed
  36. How to trigger off-Camera flash with D3100?
  37. Hello there... (and is this a good lens?)
  38. D3100 Youngnuo flash suggestions
  39. Non Nikkor lenses
  40. Slow SD card
  41. New D3100 owner - photo edit software
  42. My cam seems to be dying
  43. Using Live View
  44. D3100 skiing advice
  45. Newbie from Australia
  46. Tripod
  47. Focus Point
  48. Hood or filter or both?
  49. Nikon D3100 focus modes
  50. Lens Question
  51. Testing my fairly new 50mm f/1.8 AF-S FX lens !
  52. Advice for newbie re night settngs
  53. New D3100 user
  54. Newbie Beach shooting questions.
  55. starry nights...need help
  56. Finally got off the wallet
  57. Nikon D3100
  58. D3100 lens recommendations for Motorsport requested
  59. how to add equipment and icons onto my user info
  60. live view mode
  61. astral photography ngc891?
  62. adjusting wb in veiw nx2
  63. stacking photos?
  64. Lens question
  65. I am considering selling my D3100 to get a D90, Am I nutz?
  66. uploading photos to my gallery?
  67. Nikon D3100 flash problem
  68. Charger has blown up
  69. Will this lens fit my D3100 im new still
  70. haloween frustration...
  71. Night shots *might have large photos*
  72. Fireworks... HELP!
  73. What's the best possible use of my new d3100?
  74. Nikon lens
  75. Another 3100 finds a home
  76. extension tubes
  77. Sorting pictures
  78. External Flash: Which to Pick
  79. taking pics in gymnasium
  80. One Lens or Two
  81. D3100 + flash question (SB700)
  82. Nikon D3100 and equestrian photography
  83. convert NEF files to jpegs
  84. My first wedding shoot!
  85. photoshop elements 79$
  86. AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR suggestion...Yes or No?
  87. Nikon D3100 35mm 1.8 lens
  88. Pls help with D3100 and external mic? :(
  89. Brand New DSLR Digital Owner.... but wait, what?
  90. D3100 Broken
  91. Nikon AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR ED IF Lens
  92. Buying a NEW Kit or piecing together a USED Kit
  93. D3100 Buttons Do Not Respond
  94. My First Picture
  95. D3100 capabilities
  96. nd filters vs. f stop adj
  97. Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector for Nikon D3100
  98. Grip size
  99. Pop-Up doesn't work. External?
  100. Processing Pics from D3100
  101. Does the focus stay the same if I zoom out?
  102. action shots at night
  103. D3100 camera + 18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses for sale!
  104. What accessories fit D3100? Any D3000 series?
  105. planning to buy
  106. How to make the flash shoot only once?
  107. Raw or jpeg
  108. wifi sd cards novelty or good?
  109. Red Box In pictures
  110. Nikon D3100 lens suggestions!
  111. 3 month old D3100 'error press shutter release again'
  112. Indoor group pics
  113. D3100 with lens Nikon AF-S DX 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR which teleconverter to extend
  114. help
  115. 35mm f1.8 or 40mm f2.8 micro
  116. New owner. a.k.a noob
  117. Unknown colour balance
  119. Anyone can help?
  120. Vello BG-N5 Battery Grip for D3100
  121. Lightroom 3 won't recognise raw files from d3100 help
  122. White Balance Can Change a Lot
  123. Was hoping for sharper images...
  124. An old dog can learn new tricks
  125. What lens to buy
  126. D3100 Exposure Meter Flashing - need advice please!
  127. using AF 50mm f/1.8D on D3100
  128. Single focal point
  129. wolfcamera closures to become ritz camera
  130. Shooting in Low Temperatures
  131. Is this camera still a good purchase?
  132. Check out my new Facebook page
  133. Issue with AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and D3100
  134. Best setting technique for photographing mass gatherings events
  135. D3100 Flashing question mark - How to fix?
  136. D3100 not auto-focusing
  137. twilight & night time astrophotography for beginners
  138. Newb Question: Polarized filter and macro lenses??? Which ones should I get?
  139. Grad Kits or components
  140. Can I attach an old nikon 200mm macro lens?
  141. Does the D3100 have automatic exposure bracketing
  142. ML-L3 remote not compatible with 3100?
  143. Should this be a problem?
  144. UV filter for my lenses
  145. newbie, lens question,
  146. spider
  147. Noob! Please help
  148. Extension tube macro ring for a G lens.
  149. Video from all the rain we have had the last few days.
  150. Bad day for my D3100 - RIP
  151. Broken Lens
  152. Nikon D3100 Nascar
  153. Noob lens question: olympus zuiko 135mm f3.5
  154. D3100 Question.
  155. shooting in manual on D3100
  156. How to learn??
  157. flash and shutter speed
  158. Selling off a D3000
  159. pic i took with my new d3100
  160. Continuous shooting and refocus...
  161. some playing about on me camera and photo shop
  162. new lens
  163. Question on 18-55 mm kit lens
  164. Nikon 35mm lens - difference between these two?
  165. First bag - D3100
  166. Lens compatibility
  167. My new camera
  168. Strange UFOs in my pics
  169. Newbie with a few Questions :)
  170. some pics of me bass guitar
  171. Needing some advice
  172. Anyone Help me with Nikon D3100 + Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 DI MACRO for taking jewelle
  173. taking pics at a gig?
  174. Jewellery Photography with Nikon D3100+18mm - 55mm LENS
  175. HDR with d3100
  176. Subjective advice...
  177. Photographic apprehension
  178. Rolex deep-sea pictures with Nikon d3100 + 18mm -55mm Vr lens , Good pictures ?
  179. nikon 50mm af-s 1.8g lens
  180. Automatic naming of pics in the camera as they are taken
  181. pics with tamron lens
  182. noobie question about moving images
  183. problem with my d3100 and 18-105mm lens .. plz help .
  184. Macro Lenses
  185. Need Opinion, I have Nikon d3100, Help me to buy a Flash for it ?
  186. Night Sky Photoshoot PLEASE HELP?
  187. Manual setting
  188. FX lenses on DX camera
  189. Black photos - image sensor broken?
  190. Any recomendations for telescope type and magnification power for astrophotography?
  191. gig tonight tips so stays in me head fresh!!
  192. Better bokeh at smaller aperture?
  193. somone help me to solve this out, Nikon d3100 Pictures,
  194. some photos of gig last night
  195. D3100 Manual Focus Help
  196. took few pictures at night time , !!! ( need improvement with your comments ) !!!
  197. Remote shutter release for D3100?
  198. Sigma DG 70-300 zoom and auto focus
  199. what should i shoot in raw or jpeg and what software are you guys using to upload to?
  200. i love chella!!!!!!!!
  201. newbie focus mode question
  202. overexposed shots
  203. Tamron AF 70-300mm works with D3100?
  204. iso question
  205. Backpack for petite female
  206. Hello guys check my photos with d3100
  207. Auto distortion control
  208. Which zoom lens on a budget??
  209. D3100 screen doesn't work
  210. Buying a NON vr lens
  211. Random creation of new sub folders
  212. Need help, Using Tamron 90mm Macro lens with Nikon 3100, Focus problem
  213. lens for portrait photography with Nikon d3100
  214. Panning shots....VR or no VR?
  215. Telephoto converter
  216. Zoom pics are Dark
  217. Nikon-Patch Removed Genuine Battery Check in D3100 FW
  218. help with extention tubes
  219. Looking for a lens...
  220. Converting a Pentax 28-85mm problems
  221. Metering
  222. Third party flashes Sunpak MX134
  223. Best way to shoot panorama?
  224. Noticed something
  225. Can you turn the live screen display off completely?
  226. Need help on choosing cheap flash for D3000
  227. What's my field of view on a 20mm f2.8D wide angle lens?
  228. Live View won't autofocus
  229. How to shoot exactly what I see?
  230. Thinking of getting this lens for practice
  231. Astro-Photography.
  232. New to photography...quick question about D3100?
  233. Issue with D3100
  234. Question about D3100
  235. Showing focal length on view finder
  236. Shutter release cable won't work???
  237. Strange shutter noise then viewfinder went black
  238. How do i know if flash will fire?
  239. New Lense zoom
  240. Weekend Project: mounting a K Pentax Lens on my D3100 (and see what happens)
  241. Got my new lens!
  242. How to detect poor photos inside camera?
  243. Problem with focusing on artwork
  244. Selecting odd ISO
  245. Sharpening - in camera vs Light Room
  246. need advice on following lens
  247. TAMARON LD572D 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 AF lens
  248. overexposed
  249. Focus Issue on small object
  250. Lens