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Boy. Now I think I understand why I have never bothered to play with the wifi on my d7200.

I have a very good friend that has the D7200. He did not realise it had WiFi. I asked him to turn it on one day and he did. Within 3 minutes I took a photo with his camera with my phone. Scared him when it fired since he did not realise I was connecting to it. Normally connecting to the phone is quite easy.


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yes done a reset by pressing info and menu buttons together , its not the camera as previously stated it connected to my wifes s5 and i downloaded photos onto her phone , the problem lies with my phone a moto g play , and ive no idea why


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well i still havent found a fix , so now joined a motorola android phone forum

I hope you find the fix. One thing is for sure, you are persistent enough to get it sorted out eventually. I hope you do and that you are not disappointed with what it can do when you do get it working.


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well well well , i have good news , and i'm about to lay my silly head on the chopping block so you guys can cleanly chop it right off .........

getting back to the "connection no internet " issue , someone in the previous comments mentioned that the phone and camera were now connected, and he was dead right , at that point i should have ignored the " no internet " bit of the message,and opened the nikon wmu app , because if i had of done that , i would have found that everything was working as it should !!!

but ....... what threw me off was taking notice of the no internet part of the message , and hence i never got to opening the app , ( i did on other occasions but that was the "authentification issue " which was resolved by resetting the network on the camera )

so today in desperate frustration i tried the app , and there it was ........ so i must apologise , and thank everyone for their valuable input

i can now , get on with the process of learning photography ........... more questions on that subject to follow , i have no doubt


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Great. That's one of the things with androids, every brand of phone builds it a little differently and it gives different messages.


Have you tried to reset our router and than to change it parameters, a friend of mine had the same problem, no matter how many times he tried to connect his Nikon there was a failure. Then he started to search on internet to solve the problem after 2 hard days of browsing he found the answer on. There is telling step by step how everything should be done to set your Nikon. If you want more details tell me and I will share you.
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