Today I grieve...


One of the saddest images I've ever taken.
The mobile vet is here...and the shutter has fallen silent.


Snow White
Oh, I'm so sorry. I have been there many times . . . never is easy. No words can come close to healing your pain. I know.


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These pets become more than friends. I lost one 6 months ago and swore I would never, ever get another dog. It's just to painful. I still miss my buddy very much; but keeping busy by training my 2 new dogs..... I'm sorry for your loss EofI



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Today I can completely empathize. I am currently deployed with the USAF and shortly after leaving, our two year German Shepherd Dog was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. The vet said the worst she had ever seen. Several thousand dollars later we were trying to keep him happy, comfortable and also alive until I could get home in May. Connie woke up on a Monday morning the first week in April to find that he had fallen asleep next to our bed and never woke up. When I left I never thought it would be the last time I would seem him. The follow on bad news for my wife is she had to put one of our horses down two days later. It has been a tough time being away. Our pets are family to us so I grieve along with you today.


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I am so sorry for your lose, I had a best friend that had cancer and had to be put down he passed in my arms.
It was years ago, but I have never forgotten the feeling and every detail of his passing.