Take digital photos with your Nikon F


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Check this out: RE-35 | Digital cartridges for analog 35-mm cameras


Unfortunately it's not a reality yet though. Cool idea regardless.


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A few years ago, I got rid of all my records because cd's were suppose to replace it. Now I see turntables hooked to computers thru USB. I am not going to be surprised if this digital cartridge will work someday. The sound you get from a record, with some hissing noise, will always be different (not necessarily inferior) compared to a studio perfect cd. Could I say, the pictures you get from 35-mm will always be classic?


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I wish that someone had invented these years ago, I know I would have been using either of my old 35mm's with one of these happily and my mate would never ever have gotten rid of his old ME super, could be a good time to buy that old Nikon F off ebay and wait for the prices on these to drop. These really appeal to my inner geek :)


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I am NOT falling for this . . . like I fell for the "invisible camera" crap!

. . . and I still have my Nikon F and F5!


^ broke something
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Woops - had me fooled.

Re-35 does not really exist. We (the design company Rogge & Pott) created Re-35 as an exercise in identity-design. We invented the "product" because it was something, that we had wished for for a long time (as many others).
We launched the website and sent out "press releases" on April first - thinking, that the date would make clear, that Re35 is just wishful thinking - a classic April Fools Prank!

A lot of people didn’t hear about Re-35 until after April first, so we added this disclaimer


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There ya go! Someone, like a new upstart company with a ship load (not a boat load) of money should take the idea and run with it. Then maybe sell it to Kodak.


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I had inherited my Dad’s Nikon F with the big “Photomic” metering head, until it was stolen from my condo. Replaced it with the FE2 (which also was stolen, eventually, too). But that old Nikon F? Nikon’s way of wearing a brick around your neck. Do NOT like these little lightweight toy cameras they have these days. I don’t CARE that it fits in your pocket!