Quick question or two about HDR


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I have found that the software doesn't really like processing (as in it refuses to merge them) the images with waves in it and high deghosting selected. Even with zero deghosting selected it appears to pick one image with the water and use that versus combining all five like it was a really long exposure.

Which HDR software are you using?


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I am noticing that some of the pictures I took after the sun was up, that were not backlit ended up gaining a lot of "punch" and clarity. There were not what I would have expected to gain much by, but I kind of like the effect. It isn't a dramatic difference, but it is there.

Just out of curiosity, how many separate images do most of you use? I was thinking about redoing one of the 5 image merges with 3 and see how different it is.

I'm also curious how this technique would look using the Pup's D5600. A crop sensor may benefit more from this than a full frame since they have less dynamic range.