Post your bokeh rich shots!


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Hey jdeg, isnt it that most photographers have this lens? It is usually the first upgrade or lens to buy after the kit lens.


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Re: Post your bokah rich shots!

I was playing around with my camera and saw an army of ants marching through a tree branch. I grabbed my macro adaptor and stated snapping.

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Mis Adam

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This is another wonderful feature to this site, you all want to teach each other tips and tricks thanks so much I cannot believe some of the things that I have learned in two days. not just what my Nikon is capable of but now the bokeh rich. Hmm learning more and more every day. you all are great thank you.
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Re: Post your bokah rich shots!

sorry just reread the rule about 1 photo per person...missed that the first time around...please forgive here...Amanda


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please forgive here

Beautiful shots, Amanda, and no big deal. You will notice that we're a nice bunch of people who also sometimes "break rules". Welcome to the forum and keep posting!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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Carolina Photo Guy

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I have noticed something about your photography.
You have some very beautiful shots, but you spill a LOT of liquids!
Just be careful and don't slip and fall.

Hope this helps;