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I am not big on abstract simply because it does not have a hard and fast definition.

How-ever, if I understand the concept correctly this should fit the bill.

"Abstract Hosta... I think"

B&W Hosta.jpg


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Abstract is kinda where you can do stuff that normal people think is weird or unreal. When they say, "Hmmm... I don't like it.", you can say, "What do you know about ART, you peasant!" Then you walk away in a huff, feeling very smug.

Or, "What is it?" You answer, "If I have to tell you, you wouldn't understand." And walk away shaking your head.

It's pretty cool actually.



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The original of this Lotus flower, shot in our backyard Koi pond, was in color (it can be found in my portfolio) and was taken in absolutely amazing light one morning right after sunrise, but when converted to Black and White, it becomes more abstract.


The second is of a rose taken from our garden and photographed in a light tent with a D700 and 55mm f/2.8 AIS Nikkor. The water droplets were added with a spray bottle

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You know I love this kind of stuff!!

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The treatment you gave this image gives it an almost etherial atmosphere, very well done! And by the way I love and can certainly identify with your signature! We could start with all the people in our government, there is enough stupidity there to go around for the next Millennia!!


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Another look at my Geranium..




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