Initial Impressions: 1 NIKKOR 10-100mm f/4.0-5.6 VR


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We were in Savannah GA for a long weekend right before Thanksgiving. Since we were primarily there to hang out with friends, I was traveling light. This was also my first opportunity to use my new 10-100mm lens. As a convenient all-in-one lens, I am very pleased. Build quality is exceptional.

If you weren't aware, there are 2 lenses by Nikon in the 10-100mm format. The original, is rather large and has a power-drive for smooth and quiet zooming during video. The one I have is sometimes referred to as the "non-PD" version.

The standard kit lens provided with most Nikon 1 bodies is the 10-30mm. It is "okay" but pales in comparison with nearly every other lens in the CX mount. I had hoped to have the convenience offered by the focal length with the IQ of the 30-110mm. In my estimation, this lens achieved both.

Below are a few examples for your consideration.






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Nice shots. That's one nice lens. I know Savannah very well. I have many relatives there, including my mother. I was there around the same time you were. I recognize the river boat that cruises the River Street area.

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Thanks for the useful information, the pictures look great. I haven't even read anything about the camera system so it's good to read such useful info.


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Beautiful scenery, good photos. This lens seems to be a real gem among the "walkarounds". It's a pity that the camera's sensor is not performing good at ISO values higher than, say, 800 (which is a shame, compared to the majority of other brands' mirrorless cameras) and you obviously had had some nice sunsets and moonlit nights...
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After a couple of months with the 10-100mm VR, I find it is always on my camera, the default lens. I commented about the CA, and yes it is corrected in LR. But I also notice variable fringing, I think at the different focal lengths. So I have to manually correct in LR for this. Still it's a great lens, maybe not quite as good as the 30-110mm. But when traveling light, the 10-100 and a prime, and I'm all set.