hi from Maine

Joseph Bautsch

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Hello Yavuz and welcome to the Nikonites Community. From your Gallery I would judge your photography interests are a combination of fine arts and scenic. You have some nice shots. Nice shooting. Are you in the US to stay or will you be heading back to Turkey at some point? Turkey is a lovely country and I'm sure the community would enjoy seeing photos from that part of the world as well as from Maine.
Thank you for your nice wishes.
Im working here and heading back to Turkey in October,5.Most probably I'll come back to the USA next year.But I dont know for sure which part it will be.
I think I will get the chance to see Boston,New York and Niagara Falls.So during this time I wanna take some nice photos as many as I can :)
Thank you very much
keep in touch...

Ruidoso Bill

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I actually lived there for one year, I was in a small port town called Sinop, right on the black sea, I have also spent a little time in Istanbul and Ankara. I was shooting film in those days and still have some nice b&w prints hanging in my home. Now it was probably before you were born 1969-1970 timeframe.
ohh I see.Then Im sure that you took really nice shots because these 3 cities are really beautiful.But I can say that since that time Turkey has changed a lot.If you get the chance to go there you should definitely use it :)

Nostalgic Memories

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Just wanted to stop by and say Hi The'yr.. doncha know?
I live in the Seattle area now but lived in Brunswick/Topsham Maine for 9 years.
Loved the area just couldn't stand the winters! Know Boothbay Harbor (ABA) very well.


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Hi Lea, welcome to Nikonites, where Nikon freaks abound! ;) Hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to see some of your work posted on the site. :)

Nostalgic Memories

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Thank you for the welcome, looking forward to getting involved. I have posted some info on the New to the Group thread and a couple of intro pics on my profile so far.
Till later, See ya


Snow White
Hello, Yavuz and welcome to the forum. You have picked a very beautiful state to live in . . . I don't know if you're by the coast or not, but you are certainly closer to the ocean than I am!

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and your photos!

Best Regards
Im living in East Boothbay and I can say that I can see the ocean from my window :)but sadly I gotta get back to my country soon.but you can make sure you will see some nice shots from Turkey too,lol!