HDR Efex Pro

My first attempt at creating an HDR image using my new software, Nik Softwares' HDR Efex Pro:


The water looks out of focus because the wind is keeping the water moving, and the exposures were bracketed around 1/30th on a tripod.

Joseph Bautsch

New member
Thats a good HDR shot. I like the reflection of the bridge in the water. My suggestion would be to re-crop it so that the bridge and it's reflection are in the lower third of the shot. As it is the bridge is in the middle of the shot making for an unbalanced composition. With the bridge and its reflection in the lower third it's emphasized as the subject and makes a more pleasing composition.


Senior Member
The new crop is better by leaps and bounds, IMHO. And I also agree with Jack...clone out the visitors and you have a very solid image here.

Joseph Bautsch

New member
Yeah, much better balance. The guy in the blue shirt is not that intrusive to the overall shot but he does not add anything to the composition. So I agree, he needs to go. That rustic stone bridge looks like it would make good compositions if shot from different angles and close in. It would be worth while to revisit and do some additional shooting. The HDR Efex Pro looks to work very well. Good job.