Good strap or sling for a Nikon 1 J5

Fred Kingston_RIP

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The Nikon 1 is a small camera... I have a Panasonic LX5, about the same size camera... and have one of Gordy's Wrist straps... click the wrist strap link. I like them because they're 100% hand made in the USA, out of real leather...


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My wife likes the Nikon wrist strap AH-N1000 on her J5 (I use the same on my V2). She also uses a Neoprene Case to avoid scrapes.



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Late to this thread, but I'm a fan of Gordy Straps & wrist straps in general. On a heavy DSLR I used a 1" Domke Gripper strap.


Pretty late for this thread but i can definitely recommend Sycamotre's new neck strap . Definitely recommended. It's padded therefore it is pretty comfy. And also it is leather which makes it very sturdy.
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