D7000 vs D300S


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D80 owner; I've been jonesing for the 7K as an upgrade to it.

See attached review from another Nikon forum:
Dedicated bird shooter with a D300/D3; gets the 7K to test out.
Doesn't like it well enough to keep it as a back up.
Sends it back!!! (Dead pixel)
After reading his review, I'm more jonesing for a D300S now.
Close to the same price line for the body only, better OVERALL quality from the 300S.

7K IS an upgrade on the D90, but not to the specs of the 300S, which is more what I'm looking for.
I was hoping (as lots of folks were) for a slam dunk, no question upgrade...not so much now.
Autofocus points (apparently not the 'bag of chips' so proclaimed), sharpness of images (unexpected lack of in some instances) and iso 1600 noise are a few killing points for me on the 7K.
I'm heading for better glass first, then upgrade the 80.

..."Well as many of you may know I was able to pick up a D7000 kit at Best Buy on Thursday.

I have mixed feelings towards this camera. It has a lot going for it on paper but in the end it falls short of my needs.


My camera produced sharp images.

The camera has a nice compact solid feel. It doesn't feel overly plasticky. It is a bit of a step up from a D90 in this regard but far short of a D300 feel.

To get sharp pictures with this camera you need good technique, there are a lot of densely packed pixels on this sensor and it will show flaws much easier than a D700 for instance.


Movie mode.... I'm not a professional videographer by any means but lets say I bought this camera for a trip and wanted to take some casual video with it and use autofocus. Well this is going to be a disaster. The autofocus comes through obnoxiously loud in the playback. You would have to buy a directional mic or manual focus. There is nothing casual about taking video with a honking directional mic on your camera :tongue:

Autofocus: I'm used to D300 and D3 performance. I took this camera and paired it with a 400mm 2.8 and shot eagles in flight this morning. It was D90ish performance in my opinion. Lets just say I didn't get one acceptable image today with the D7000. The following link are the acceptable images I got with the D3 this morning after putting the D7000 back in the bag. http://www.lemmophoto.com/p145268366

Sensor: My camera had one really apparent dead pixel near the center. This is not acceptable especially when you are shooting video. It is pretty easy to get a dead pixel out of an image, but on a 5 minute video not so much. Someone else pointed out earlier that they found a couple other dead pixels in my images as well.

Shutter: As someone else said it is very mushy, I don't like the feel or the sound or any of it. It just doesn't feel right.

Buffer: Again I am a D300 D3 user. I was shooting Jpeg-Raw and getting about 10 images buffer. That doesn't cut the mustard for my needs.

AF-On button: This doesn't have a dedicated AF-ON button but you can use the AE-L button instead. This is what I use. This button is too close to the viewfinder. I am a left eye shooting and it makes for a very uncomfortable experience with my knuckle and eye fighting for space.

Noise: I shot some images early in the morning at 1600 ISO and got very noticeable noise in the feathers of the birds. This was a bit surprising to me. It may have been partially my fault due to exposure issues though.

Conclusion: I returned it as a defective item due to the dead pixels to Best Buy for a full refund about an hour ago. I do not plan on buying another one. I was hopeful it would be able to replace a D300 for wildlife and bird photography. In my view it falls short. It is a very nice D90 upgrade though."

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Right! So I guess when the D300S replacement is released it will be more comparable to the D700 - D700 replacement will be more comparable to the D3s, etc.

Now, unless you want to save money, the D90 wouldn't be a consideration when buying the D7000 or D300S. It's more like deciding between the D700 and D3, or D3100 and D5000. Too many model numbers :)

i have d90 adn d300 they are good camera. good quality picture depends of lens, moment, and lighting, but definetly i will buy d300s, for d7000 i have to wait a while until review comes up


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Hi, I am looking for a camera too. It seems for computers prices go down and compatibility and development processes increase. So while the new d7000 doesn't replace the d300s it has most of the specs. If I recall correctly the s was not a big leap but more of an upgrade like a computer service pack for the 300. I'd expect Nikon to replace it within the year. The 7000 is packed with a bunch although for me it's pricey. I like the improved AF system numbers but I'd prefer to see results. Some systems like to use lots of squares in the screen to prove their point and others make claims their zones are good if not better. But I do believe when u get to this level of camera you've got yourself a pretty reliable option. As many pro columns write like Moore's Law in 18 months this fantastic camera will look outdated. But it won't be. I'm sure we all know many photographers who have cameras from several generations ago which still take remarkable pictures.
One thing I like about the 7* is the AF in movie mode though I haven't used it. I don't know enough about movies to say why, but I've read indie photographers prefer manual. Perhaps there's more license for creativity. Hope that helps a bit. I'd go for the new one for no reason other than price. Off hand the only thing it's missing are a few AF points and that's not a deal breaker for me.

Just the INFO button alone made the D300s 10 times better than the D300 imo... then again, the question is will you use your camera to actually film? If you do, go with the D7000 since Auto-Focus is not working when filming with the D300s, unless you like filming rocks and such :)

My main worry is, with the D7K, will cramming an extra 33% pixels into the same size sensor as the D300s going to end up in a noise fest!!!

Multi-tasking items always seem to be less good at 1 thing... Like those printer/photocopier/fax/scanner combo printers...

If i want to make photography an art i'll buy an SLR, if i want to film i'll buy a HD video camera, prices on those went down a lot, so as their size.

If you have enough get the D700 if not the D300s and you won't be sorry! Since full-frame will always result in better quality no matter what.
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good way to think about it Gladiator.

Nikon is due for a new full frame camera soon. D8000 maybe?


I have both a 300s and 7k. I am finding that I enjoy the 7k more than the 300s and get better quality pictures. I am not saying one is better than the other but, if I had to get rid of one of my cameras it would be the 300s. The 7k has a few options that the 300 does not. Just my 2 cents.


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Can anyone here explain Nikon's labeling system? e.g. it seems the top pro models (the toughest and biggest) are single digits--1, 2, 2X, 3, 3X, etc
Then, the next tier seems to be 200, 300, etc
Where do the tens (90, 40, 60, etc) and the 1000's (3000, 5000, etc) fit in?

Is there some kind of logic and categorizing (like by size?), or am I just being to logical ?


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I think it's pretty much clear as mud :) What may have made sense once now does not.

I agree that the single digit models are the top of the line.. way back to the F3 I used to shoot with :)

The 3 digit models seem to be the next tier

Then, it seems like a mix of the rest.


I don't understand all of this camera "snobbery" about what is a "pro" camera and what is a "prosumer" camera (this is not directed toward anyone in particular just something I have noticed with in this site overall). Don't understand all of the gloating with people declaring "I have a pro camera" well do you take "pro" shots? What make a "pro"? Selling your pictures? Skill? I am very new to this whole photo world I find all of this humorous. I have seen people take pictures on this site with "outdated cameras" and prosumer d5k's that blow away people that have shot pictures with a "pro" d700. I thought it was the person taking the pictures that is the skill. Not that you might have the best equipment or most expensive equipment. The camera is just a tool it does not define your skill or ability. Anyone can go buy an expensive camera but, do you have the skill to make that camera work well for you. In addition I think that Nikon trying to be competitive is making "better" cameras with a better price. The d7k is every bit the camera the d300s is with a few more options sure it has to piss of some people that just went and got a 300 but that is the electronics game. Just like I am sure they will come out with a new full frame camera next year so if they put a dxxxx on it does it make it not as good as a dxxx doubt it. And as far as the d3's those are in a class all by themselves in the "super-camera" class. I guess I wish people would stop worrying about who has the best equipment or newest toy and spend more time commenting on peoples work and "pro's" sharing some of their knowledge and expertise to us people new to photography or looking to expand their knowledge .
Again this is not directed at any one person or group only the "new guy" voicing his opinion. I hope I don't upset anyone with these comments and if I do I apologize in advance. My intention is not to start a pissing contest with anyone I am here to share with people and make friends. I guess I was hoping this to be more photo oriented group not equipment minded group. I hope that this is not just a equipment bragging site and a photo knowledge expansion site. Because I myself am here to expand photo knowledge with my Nikon Camera.

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I agree totally with what you've said except I'm also concerned about the weather seals etc that come with certain model types and not on others. Absolutely no argument about picture quality, all one needs to do is spend some time in the gallery section and look at the gorgeous shots all taken with different models. I really like what what our very own Kenneth Hamlett says about cameras, "One that works".


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Rob, I also agree with everything you are saying. You're going to get people like that in any activity they participate in. You know the ones......I have a better car, I have a more expensive tennis racket, I have this, I have that, blah blah blah. There will always be those that equate expense with their so called "skill" level. Well, we all know that this just isn't the case, don't we. Like Ken Hamlett says.....one that works. Above all, it's the skill of the photographer that tells the tale in the end.
Example: You have a D7000, I have a D200. Bill has a D300. Who's to say who takes the better shots? I'm my own worst critic. I always think others take far better shots than I do. Do I blame the camera? No, of course not! I blame myself....my ability, my skill. And I've been shooting for some 40 years! I know of people with far less experience than I that blow me out of the water!
So don't get hung up on what other people use for equipment. Ignore them. Just concentrate on YOUR skill level and YOUR vision on what you shoot. The results speak for themselves. Always.
So endeth my rant. :)


@ Yibel of course there are some equipment issues you want to get schooled on before looking at new models. If you are a guy out taking pictures in adverse areas you want a camera that preforms in that kind of environment. Again my thread is just a generalization of things I have notice. Like I see you are a Harley guy. I have a Electra-Glide Classic do I stick my nose up at the guy driving the Sportster or do I embrace the fact that the guy loves to ride... Or he has a metric... Whatever. I think we are on the same page and appreciate your comments

@ photojack good words thanks. And we are on the same frequency.. Glad you guys can see my point.

It's all about the lighting and the pictures not necessary the gear...


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Hello, my name is Bill, I really think fotojack takes better pictures than I do.

I love my Harley almost as much as my Nikons, nothing better than mixing the two by taking the bike out for a shoot, now that's the good life!


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Your points are good ones. Having the latest and greatest equipment doesn't make someone a great photographer.

I meet people regularly using cameras 3 and 4 generations old who capture amazing photographs.

A good friend of mine recently bought his first DSLR after showing me pictures that amazed me for 5 years from various point and shoots. The guy has an amazing eye, and he has a passion for photography. He's not technically strong in photography yet, but I am coaching him on things like depth of field, exposure, etc and he is improving even more. Right now, he's using a D5000 with a kit lens - and does great with it.

I'm here because I enjoy photography. I'm not a pro at this point in my life, but I have worked as a pro before. Might get there again someday, who knows. I like having nice gear - and I am continually learning - but I don't think that makes me any better than anyone else.

I sure do enjoy the learning. Wish I had more time to apply what I've learned!


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Hello, my name is Bill, I really think fotojack takes better pictures than I do.

Bill, I thank you for the flattering comment. :) I wish I still had my Harley....I'd be taking shots of it. :) My last Harley was a '79 FLH. I sure miss it. Then I went to the Goldwings. Had 4 of those over the years, the last one being a '91 1500 Aspencade.


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Just a pic of my favorite, My avatar shows my Mom and I posing we had just finished a ride, she was 80+ yrs in pic


Nice, there is snow on the ground for god sakes imnunky. Hope I can still get on a motorcycle at 80+. Takes me back to when I was a kid in MI riding my 71 Harley in the middle of winter with a wet suit on under my cloths... Glad to see you are not a fair weather rider..


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Hey roguebear riding in winter is no more treacherous than racing on a cinder track, eccept that there's no shark tail in snow as vicious as cinders following another racer, as a teenager this was a regular thing to do on week ends, also now in my later yrs I have backed off a lot of things, My daughters have laid down a lot of "not to Do's" Bless them Grrr!