30% off on selected Nikon gears


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Bootic is running a 30% discount on selected Nikon products.

Check it out Nikon on Bootic

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Bootic is an online shopping marketplace, with an advanced search engine where consumers can easily find and purchase products from multiple vendors, all in one place.
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Founded in 2011, Bootic is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, please visit www.bootic.com.


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And I have a question, is the 30% off the prices listed on the link, or are those prices already discounted? Are camera bodies "Non-USA" or covered by Nikon warranty?


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Wow, looks like some great deals. I have the same question as BackdoorHippie though, are these used/refurbished or all new?

Edit: Thanks BackdoorHippie.


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i looked at 50mm f1.8 $153 nice price i asked who was the seller and they sent me nikon. Looks funny - company from palo alto and new member from palo alto. I will pass.