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    Re: wifi connection

    yes it has a reset network setting which i have also tried at least three times , i have noticed that it asks for a password , but i do not have any passwords for it other than that which is on the bottom of the router which i have tried , and as stated it has nothing to do with the home router , so i'm a bit bamboozled as to what it means by "password"
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    Does your camera have a screen under the wifi menu to reset network settings? My d7200 has it. Try that. I just got a new phone, so I am getting re-familiar with this tonight. No password was needed, the phone just connected to the camera's wifi without issue. It just comes up as an unsecured network and I connected. So maybe try the reset network connection menu in the camera if you have it on your camera.

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    Re: wifi connection

    now it says connected no internet ? if i open the nikon wmu app it says camera not connected , i give up

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    Re: wifi connection

    Try 0000 or 1234 as password.
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    Re: wifi connection

    tried it , still the same messages , either connected no internet , or authentification problem,depending on how it feels

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    Re: wifi connection

    The last thing I would try is resetting the camera AND forgetting the network in the phone. Basically starting over from scratch since you had tried connecting to your home router. Just remember it only deals with your phone and camera No passwords or internet so forget those things

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    Re: wifi connection

    So when you try to connect, it wants a password? It should definitely be 'open' with no password required. Here is what I learned.... It may not help you though, but I might as well wright it down... The camera wifi is open. But once you are connected, in the wmu app, you can change the camera to a secured network and add a password. This is done from your phone while it is connected to the camera but the changes are saved in the camera. You would need the password to connect to the camera in the future although your phone should remember it. I guess the purpose of this is to keep nearby persons from accessing your camera. If you get locked out, the reset network settings menu in the camera is used to put it back to open since you cant do it from the app if you are locked out.
    If indeed you are being asked for a password, that would suggest that the reset network settings you tried in camera didn't work. If that is the case, maybe a full camera reset would help.
    Without connecting, I think you can long click on the camera wifi in your phone and see properties to confirm it is open or secured.
    My phone says no internet under the nikon wifi only before I connect.
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    Re: wifi connection

    i'm going to have to admit total defeat , i've now tried everything and it still will not connect to my phone , or my phone will not connect to the camera , as a last ditch effort i am going to try the wifes phone a samsung s7 and see what happens , at least i may find out if the camera is the problem or my phone through a process of elimination

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    Re: wifi connection

    tried with the wifes s7 , and same problem , it asks for a password which must be 8 digits long (same length as router password on the bottom) so tried the router password and again it comes up with "authentification problem " totaly beat now guys , dont know what else to try

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    Re: wifi connection

    Ok, if it asks for a password, try the reset network settings in the camera menu one more time. Make sure you get all the way in there and say yes to resetting the connections. If that doesn't work, try resetting the whole camera like Don suggested. There should be no password. You are connecting to the camera wifi, right? I forget the ID name, but Nikon appears in the name. It should be listed as 'open' if you long press it for info. I previously used my S5 and last night I connected my new s7 with no issues and no changes from default settings. My samsung tablet connects without issue too.

    edit: a press gives me another screen, then I hit edit and network is listed as security 'none'. The name is Nikon_WU2xxxxxxx
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    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: wifi connection

    wifi connection
    Your camera network is probably a slightly different name, but it should look like this when you tap on the nikon network that appears on your wifi screen. If not, the network settings need to be reset in camera. If that doesn't work, resetting the whole camera might work. If not, it might be time to ask Nikon.

    wifi connection-screenshot_20170103-084254.png
    I must have a really good camera.

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