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133 days since the last entry! but, seriously doubt anybody really noticed, as the comments in 7 years have been sparse as a
happy Canon mirrorless owner,, ok,, just kidding, but seriously, they have fallen behind,, even my most diehard Canon users are
planning to switch to Sony, no not Nikon, that would just kill them.

anyhow. I have been enjoying the Z7 so much, that I bought a backup Z6. The Z6 is built to the exact same build quality and
has all the same features, so switching back and forth is painless. The Z6 is great for events, and also has a slight edge in the
noise department.

My DSLR just collects dust, but I do plan in a couple of years to pick up a used 850 once the price drops below a 1000, a 1000 you exclaim,
yes, a 1000, as now one can get a clean 810 for around 800 dollars, and once a 950 comes out, and more and more 850 users switch to the
future Z8,, etc, the 850 will be affordable.

Why do I want an 850, only to have a DSLR with close to the perfect sensor Nikon has to date. Super fast AF, etc, for those few times that
I would consider the Z family stretched.

I have a fair amount to report/say on the Z family, but ,, that can wait.
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