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Winter is a nice time for photo harvesting, slower evenings, so time to look thru some folders and do touch ups I typically don't procrastinate, so,, most
photos shoots have already been edited within 24-48 hours of the shot, but I like going back and sometimes picking ones that I passed by the first time, and sometimes those end up being the best from the shoot. So, definitely recommend looking back once in awhile.

The other factor is that more relax photo editing and touchup. Bringing the photo up to its full potential. sometimes just a bit more punch brings the photo
into the wow phase. Often for electronic media, the photos need to be brighter then what he historygrams would say.

anyhow, enjoy the last 2 months of winter.

Is Nikon D3000 good for capturing potraits?-_dsc0011-vt-bridge-fract_updated-smaller-3.jpg
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