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    Re: Post Your Z6 Photos

    Post Your Z6 Photos
    I've been playing more with the Z6 after the V3 firmware update. The more I play, the more I am impressed by the progress this update provides.

    While these may not be technically or aesthetically the best of shots, they do demonstrate progress.

    I was in the back yard with the Z6, 600F4, & 1.4x TCIII just hoping to get some visitors to photograph. As luck would have it, things were pretty quiet. I had a couple visitors, but they mostly stayed deeper in the tree branches. Making the best of what was available, I played with tracking in Auto Area AF in the cluttered mess.

    In the following sequence, I had locked tracking on this cardinals' head and when he began to scratch, I began to shoot. Despite all the potential obstructions and distractions, AF did a nice job of staying locked onto his head. At least from my experience, I consider this a win for the V3 update.

    Z6 (Firmware V3) + 600F4 + 1.4xTCIII (850mm)
    All shots were 1/1000, F5.6, ISO 640

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    Re: Post Your Z6 Photos

    Post Your Z6 Photos
    Myfriend Antonina who wanted photos that could be used on posters for her April concert tour of her jazz vocal performances. The remove the background and floor/rear wall I used white background paper to create a continuous curve at the floor and wall corner and using two grided stripboxs on the strobes pointed at the rear wall. Then used a single 80 in soft box over head to be the only light falling on her. This was for flatter light than a typical portrait because it was going to be printed posters, some color and some black and white.

    Post Your Z6 Photos-amtonina-180.jpgPost Your Z6 Photos-amtonina-84.jpg Post Your Z6 Photos-amtonina-2.jpgPost Your Z6 Photos-amtonina-.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post Your Z6 Photos-amtonina-3.jpg  

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    Re: Post Your Z6 Photos

    Post Your Z6 Photos
    A couple models for my z6 which arrived yesterday.
    Post Your Z6 Photos-dsc_0061_dxo.jpg

    Post Your Z6 Photos-dsc_0045_dxo.jpg
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    Re: Post Your Z6 Photos

    Post Your Z6 Photos

    Z6, 600F4 + 1.4x TCIII, 850mm, 1250, F5.6, ISO 280

    Z6, 600F4 + 1.4x TCIII, 850mm, 1000, F5.6, ISO 140

    Z6, 600F4 + 1.4x TCIII, 850mm, 1600, F5.6, ISO 160
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