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    Re: Why so little interest here on the forum in the Z6/7?

    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    Nikon has never been the best at conveying things clearly. The focus system is different than you describe Mike. It took the manual and a handbook for me to begin to understand the new system. But I think that there has been enough confusion that they finally talking more about it.

    The system is a hybrid of Phase and Contrast detect in all modes. To quote Nikon, "an AF algorithm optimized for its FX-format sensor, Z 6 automatically switches between focal-plane phase-detect AF and contrast-detect AF to fine-tune focus. The light-shielding phase detection pixels are carefully arranged on the sensor to preserve light, ensuring accurate AF even in dim lighting." These algorithms have been enhanced in three Firmware updates improving the focus system, and it has improved. I can actually capture Jersey Girl running towards me with the Z6... I could not do that before with my other Nikons. I think a lot of my problem before was the weight of the gripped bodies. But the weight was not the only thing. I just never got confident with the other bodies like I have the Z6.

    The one mode that is a bit different is "pinpoint" which is intended for stationary objects. Any of the 273 points on the sensor can be used for pin point focus, but it is slower and not intended for action shots. I believe this mode relies primarily on CD, but it is not specified in the manual. It only notes that is is slower and intended for high accuracy. I have not used it much. Single point has been fine for me.

    The Z6 is lighter, but you are right, to get the reach like we have discussed, it is far heavier than your Olympus.
    Thanks, i was a bit concerned if i had got it right, PD-AF is needed for action and when i thought it only had i spot in the center

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    Re: Why so little interest here on the forum in the Z6/7?

    And that's supposed to simplify things???

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    Re: Why so little interest here on the forum in the Z6/7?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chucktin View Post
    And that's supposed to simplify things???
    Really it is, because the camera does all the work. The hard part is getting used to the AF Area Modes. These are the menu fields that determine camera selects the focus point and how it functions, because they are enough different from the Nikon DSLRs that you have to read the manual and get familiar with them.

    You do not need to understand the Algorithm in the Z6 anymore than you need to know the one in the D850. They both use them to calculate focus. But you do need to know which methods are being used to make informed decisions about each camera. This Hybrid that Nikon has developed is new and uses PD and CD to fine tune the process of auto focus.

    I do not know about you but as for me my engineering days are past me. All I am concerned about is that it works. If it doesn't work I want them to fix it... So far they have been making it better.

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    Re: Why so little interest here on the forum in the Z6/7?

    Nikon and Fuji could (should!) take lessons in menu design and function labeling.

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    Re: Why so little interest here on the forum in the Z6/7?

    Lessons from whom?  Compared to the competition Nikon logical, easy to navigate menus are often cited as the best in the industry and moving between camera is easy due to the consistent naming and order. Moving from a D90, my first digital Nikon in 11 years ago, to a D7000 to D800 adding a D850 and then adding the Z6 has meant no diving the manual. My manual was all in Russian so my basic 5th grade knowledge of the language did not get me far so I just went out shooting and have not opened the manual since. Within days of shooting the D850 and Z6, the Z became my #1 camera and has been with me. The interface it intuitive, and easy to use without taking my eye from the EVF. All the ket settings can be set while taking photos right in the EVF and chimping is not required to confirm exposure or focus. With a 100% coverage EVF it means close precise framing is done, as well as exposure and focus before the shutter is released. That is not a difficult or confusing interface at all, just the opposite.

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    Re: Why so little interest here on the forum in the Z6/7?

    I've had a D100, a D300, a D7000 and when I retired I bought myself a D850. Before my personal cameras we had several of the Kodaks and one odd Fuji or something, at work - an industrial photolab. While I am accostomed to Nikon's naming conventions in my opinion Cannon has the clearest most rational menu system. And I don't have a Canon. I've just had several opportunities to handle them. If I were starting over that's where I'd go.

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