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    Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017
    For my new 52 , I think I want to break things up a bit more often, not concentrate so heavily on portrayals of birds but not exclude them.
    I think I may just post what I think is an entertaining image for the week. Maybe post some oldies I reworked. ... and keep closer track of what week it is .
    Starting it jan 2 2017.
    Crested caracara and red-shouldered hawk

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq4444-1-small.jpg

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq4612-1-small-.jpg

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    Re: Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    mate you are on my most hated/envied list now lol, would love to see the Crested caracara, great shot of it.
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    Learn to laugh at yourself, everyone else is.

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    Re: Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    Both are beautiful birds. Would love to see them in nature.
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    Re: Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017
    For week two I have some birds and some modified art shots
    The red-shouldered hawk , is trying to dry off , we had quite a bit of rain.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq4913-1_edited-1.jpg

    Ring necked duck drake

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq4979-1.jpg

    Snipe seem to have had a good year , I didn't see many of these for years, now they seem to be everywhere.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq5341-1.jpg

    This pier is by ponce inlet, there seems to have been some erosion of the pilings
    modified with a paint filter to highlight the geometry

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_zzz2887-1-th_hh-1.jpg

    This oak is from Split oaks mitigation area , modified with a paint style filter to emphasize texture of the leaves and the warm light

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_zzz4890-2-rounds-wc_edited-1.jpg

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    Re: Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017
    I think these are tar flowers, so named because they're sticky
    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-flower-small-.jpg

    This is the seed pod part of a Lotus, these seeds have been found to remain viable for hundreds of years buried in mud.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-weeds-7-small-.jpg

    This is some water plants , the stream is colored due to the tannins from bald cypress trees.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq5112-small-1.jpg

    Baby spider minkey unfortunately I couldnt get a shot where he was clambering that didn't have heavy cage in view.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_a002531-1-small-.jpg

    Rhino from Brevard zoo , I think they do some cosmetic shaving of the horns so they can get the animals at a reasonable cost , its a small zoo and the animals are just as good, but I think the big themeparks are the ones that get the prettiest picks.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_a002178-b-_small.jpg
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    Re: Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017
    This is a lark sparrow, common in parts of the US, but not really in florida, I made a specific trip to find this bird, and found it largely by chance.

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-_qqq5574-1-small.jpg

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    Re: Stoshowicz's 52 2017

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017
    My cat Sophie , experimenting with some one else's style

    Stoshowicz's 52 2017-cat-face-copy-1-1-small-.jpg

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