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    Twitter and Paper-Li

    Well, I've just discovered a little gem. I have always wanted to do a newsletter . . . the photojournalist in me. So through "twitter" I discovered how to do one, or more like have it done for you.

    Paper-Li takes the tweets of all you follow and puts them into a nice format like this:
    The Savvy Lens It automatically posts to twitter and you can retweet and post on your facebook page or your blog. It makes it easy to share all the things you find interesting with contacts who don't tweet. And it does this on a daily basis for FREE.

    The key is to be selective about who you "follow" on twitter.

    › See More: Twitter and Paper-Li
    Helene of OHK Photography and here's what I do with my images: Vivacini

    There are always possibilities.

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    Re: Twitter and Paper-Li

    Great info Helene. I was particularly interested in the printer information. Of course, about half way through, my brain started to fry and I had smoke coming out of my ears. I was actually shopping for a new printer, but Uncle Sam decided he wanted my money more than I wanted a printer. Hopefully, I've got that link saved for a later time when I actually have some money again.
    As for Twitter, I've never tried it, and probably couldn't figure it out anyway. I did try Facebook, and everyone I ever knew ended up adding me as a friend. Now I get continuous updates on my wall showing me the Bagel and coffee someone had that morning taken with their blackberry smart phone... LOL... TMI... Now I just glance at it occasionally. I think I'll stick with Nikonites. People are sane here, and I learn from them.
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    This donut scented car freshener will more than pay for itself next time I get pulled over.

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    Re: Twitter and Paper-Li

    Well done, Helene!

    See...I told ya Twitter would come in handy.

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