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    Pro or amateur

    In your profile you chose what you are from Amateur to Pro and this does make me wonder, how people chose

    There are people posting here who have said "I only have this one lens and I shoot in a "business""............. or have posted what I consider to be horizon sloping out of focus shots and called themselves PRO or Semi-pro, others have posted great images as "amateurs".

    How do people rate themselves, it makes me wonder.

    The definition of a PRO (anything) is a person who earns most of their living from a line of work, so a "pro" earns 90%+ from photography, me I class myself as Semi-Pro to Pro because photography IS my work and living, I am also a registered "photo Journalist" and hold a UK Press card with the NUJ. Do others list themselves as PRO because it sounds good or becasue they think a few years taking photos makes them a PRO.

    Also these days you see more and more facebook sites with "John Smith Photography" or "Samanther Class Photography" in fact they mean "Photographer NOT Photography as Photography imples a "working business" but is that because they have no idea or they like to sound good.

    Just wondered.

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    Re: Pro or amateur

    I have sold some pictures but no way am I a Pro...........
    I have an advanced degree in procrastination and another one in paranoia.

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    Re: Pro or amateur

    I made some cool shots, but no, no way, I'm pure pristine amateur ☺👌

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    Re: Pro or amateur

    Been reading a few of your posts,mainly as every one else is having Christmas unlike us , i would not dispute a lot of your statements but things have always been like that, in the 80s when we had a thriving wedding and portrait studio only using 120 film we had the upstart 35mm users trying to muscle in, doing weddings with only one camera and all 36 shots on one roll,we used three 120 Hasselblad backs as a safety factor,this meant it would take one hell of a disaster for the wedding couple to end up with no images.
    You really are going to drive yourself mad trying to block the upstarts with common sense and logic IMO.

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    Re: Pro or amateur


    "The natural man must know in order to believe; The spiritual man must believe in order to know. " ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer ~ "The Dwelling Place of God"

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    Re: Pro or amateur

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    Re: Pro or amateur

    Wondering why people do what they do, only reinforces my conclusion that, the older I get, the less I know.
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    Re: Pro or amateur

    Quote Originally Posted by JH Foto View Post
    I have sold some pictures but no way am I a Pro...........
    It is very difficult these days, I remember when there used to be Upper class, Middle Class and Working class, now we have

    1 Higher professional and managerial workers A
    2 Lower managerial and professional workers B
    3 Intermediate occupations C1 and C2
    4 Small Employers and non professional self-employed C1 and C2
    5 Lower Supervisory and technical C1 and C2
    6 Semi-Routine Occupations D
    7 Routine Occupations D
    8 Long-term unemployed

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    Re: Pro or amateur

    In fact Upper class, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, upper working class and so on, now with photography we have Pro, semi pro, "aspiring" pro and so on, sheesh

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    Re: Pro or amateur

    There are some very good Amateur photographers out there, some even better than the professionals.
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