Z8 coming soon???


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Here is some information for the Z8

Nikon Z8 full frame camera:

Previously, there was news that the Nikon Z8 would have been officially released in 2021, but due to the chip panic, production capacity, supply chain and other issues sweeping the world, the new machine was postponed to this year, and there was speculation that the new machine was used to replace the current D800 series.

In terms of specifications, there are currently rumors that two Z 8 prototypes are being developed at the same time, 45-megapixel and 61-megapixel versions, respectively. You can look forward to the release time in the second and third quarters of this year.
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Lots of rumors out there. Latest I am seeing is an announcement later this week, 26 Apr. Most rumors say it will have the same sensor as the Z9 at 45.7 MP. It is also supposed to be about the same form as the current Z6 or Z7. Pricing estimated at somewhere under the $4K mark and shipping sometime in late May early June.

Of course this is all speculation at this point. As much as I would love to have one, unless I win the lottery, not happening for me. Since I don't waste money on lottery tickets, it's even more unlikely I will be able to justify spending that kind of money on a camera right now.

Crazy thing is that right now Nikon is selling the Z7ii for less than the Z7. I noticed a week or two ago they had Z7s listed with a $1K off sale. Of course, they had none listed in stock. Not sure what that was all about.


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Well, it has been announced and there are plenty of Youtube videos reviewing it online now.
The nickel tour is that it has the same stacked 45.7 MP sensor as the Z9. It will shoot 20 fps of full RAW up to 1000 frames. It also has a sensor shield, something I wish my mirrorless had. They are touting it as the successor to the D850.

Price is right at $4K, and shipping is supposed to start 5/25.