Why Not a Blog Y8D341


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Year 8 almost done. Been super busy shooting this year, and less time to
write blogs. I went on multi trips and have settled into a 14-24 2.8 and I love the 24-200. It makes a super compact travel package. I tend to bring the Z6ii as the travel camera, works a bit better in lower light and for me 24 Meg is usually enough detail. Overall, The Zs are my primary travel cameras.

I have been watching the frenzy for the Z9, mostly from the sidelines. This is the first Z body that I am NOT on a buy list. I so far purchased a Z7, Z6, Z6ii, Z5, Z50, and a Fc, so, not like I have not bought enough Zs, but I have never loved the huge body of the Ds and the Zs are bulky for my use. I look forward to have a Z7iii or Z8 with the Z9 sensor/technology. Be really fun if Nikon release a FXc (full frame classic) with the Z9 sensor, and shutterless,, PLEASE, really Nikon!

Instead, I have been building up a complete Medium format/large format film kits, yup, why, because it is sooo much fun. Also, the cost is farily low, as I bought all the gear for less then my Z6 kit.

When I shoot, I'll shoot 1200-2000 digital, and 16 film shots. Just a total different mind set.