Why Not a Blog Y8D280


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very cool, just discovered the inside the camera sensor protector filter, 125 dollars with shipping, not cheap, but looks well made, and IF it solves the Z dust bunnies, you can be sure I will get them for all my Zs

This is epic. I can't believe it could be this easy,, I honestly don't know why
nikon just did not sell this as an option. I'll wait to test before endorsing and providing more detals. I'll drop off the body for a deep deep clean, as I keep cleaning off dust, and in about a week or 2 I notice the return of the dust bunnies. Also, will be easy to pop out the filter to do external clean, and pop back in. also even just a blower will be easier.

so,, stay tuned,

Mark F

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I'm also interested in what brand you are choosing.
I tried a KASE UV that I bought at B&H. The only negative is that this thing is a dust magnet. You also have to look to see if the suction cup you use to set it in place didn't live a circle, although, you can wipe it off with a lens wipe tissue. It does protect your sensor though, so its totally worth it. I have seen a brand that has a pick that you use to insert the filter without having to touch the glass. If I find a better brand, I may get a set of ND's and the UV.