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For the early years, I created a blog entry every day, but a144 days between entries. I am glad to say that my conversion to the Z platform is mostly complete, and it was not cheap. When you consider the bodies, memory, and the slew of Z lens, a full platform update was a major investment. Luckily, one does not have to this that often.

Was the new mount necessary, Yes, I believe so, and the FTZ would had been require no matter what as their distance from the sensor would not had been the same anyhow, so at least one could keep using the old lens. I do think they could and might release a screw drive ftz soon. Totally possible.

In regard to the Z lens, they are of high quality, and image wise among the best. I actually believe the Z mount lens will be what saves Nikon from going out of business. While the bodies are solid, both Canon and Sony have the lead in AF, and many consider this the primary factor in bodies nowadays. less for me, as I consider the layout, software, feel of the body, color profile, and less the AF, but I do recognize that Nikon is 3rd in that category, but like I said, the lens are saving it.

Will Nikon stick around, , yes

I did finally pick up my 850, this has been on my list to upgrade the D800 for years, but I had been holding off as frankly a mirrorless Z was more on my list, but now that my Z platform is mature, I was finally able to return my attention on an 850 kit, finding a ultraclean low shot one for 2K. The 850 is simply superb. In my opinion, there is no DSLR that matches it. I really think Nikon should upgrade to an 880 version of it like the 780. I won't buy one, as I have my Zs, but I do see that they could end the DSLR line with the best of all breeds and milk it for another 10 years. Canon is exiting mostly the DSLR market, so,, Nikon would have a very nice niche here.

In regard to kits, I am a fan of putting together what I call grab bag kits. For the 850,, I found a nice compact lowerbro camera bag, that holds the 850 with a Sigma 24-70 2.8, and then a slew of primes for a really nice toss in Jeep bag. I got the Sigma as a factory refurbished, and I really like this lens.

I also sold my Sigma 180-600 for the Nikkor 200-500, for a slightly faster AF, very sharp lens, but honestly that Sigma was a nice zoom and the person that bought it is very happy.

My favorite manual lens,, the Voigt 40 mm 1.2,, wow

My most incredible Z lens, the totally awesome 50 mm 1.2S, this is a world class lens. Truly a fine piece of glass. It provides extension to the work flow with ultra fast AF at super shallow DOF, and the image is sharp at 1.2. I consider this a new Nikkor Legend lens. Simple as that.

I have not get the 70-200 2.8,, yes yes,, god people go nutso over this lens,, I personally prefer the 70-200 F4, and will buy a Z version maybe, because frankly with a dedicated FTZ adapter, the F mount is a very sharp lens, light, and can be used on both my DSLR and mirrorless. So, if there was a tele zoom that would interest me in the Z line it would be the 100-400 with a TC option. That I could see being an awesome winner. give me a range of 100-800 in a fairly compact package. Why not the 70-200 2.8, because for me, If I am going to do portraits, I prefer primes from 50, 85, 105, 135, and maybe,, a 180. all of those are faster from 1.2 to 2.8s and will produce as sharp or sharper images. And then when I want to use the lens as a tele, well, again i prefer the F4 or even longer like my 200-500. For those that love it,, great.

On the ultra wide, I have the 14-30 F4. This is a super lens. As soon as it came out, I had my name on the list, and it has totally lived up to its potential. Fantastic lens. The new 14-24 2.8 is also a fantastic lens, I have the older Fmount, and yes the new one blows it out of the water. The issue for me, is that I carry the F4 all the time on a belt pouch, it is that small, and fantastic as a travel lens. I purchased the also amazing 24-200, so now with just one lens belt pouch and 2 lens, I can go anywhere and capture just about anything. Yes,, I do carry often a third, that wonderful Voigt 40 mm 1.2 for portraits and low light. but it is tiny, so I can just toss it in a pocket.

Do I miss my Sony mirrorless ,, NO.

Did I keep my Fuji mirrorless .. Yes

so,, Nikon,, you need to get the two pancakes out,, you have had long enough. and these better be 2.8s! should had been 2.0s but I don't have faith there. So my guess is 2.8s, but they are being so hush hush about them. Also,, they better be metal,, with metal mounts,, NOT plastic. So some class.

Also, get that 105 out! macro! Huge hole

and for good measure. announce a Z ultra wide 1.8 at oh 14 mm with little distortion Astro King!

summary ASAP
14 mm 1.8 ultra wide
24 mm 2.0 but I know you will do 2.8
40 mm 2.0, but I know again 2.8
105 2.8 macro
100-400 mm zoom

the rest are nice, but frankly by then Nikon is very very very
close to having that fantastic set. oh wait

600 mm F4 of course for the birders
180-600 5.6 for the birders too

ok,, happy shooting, That is my Blog update, for those that stuck thru reading it all the way.