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The Z9 orders have heated up, and so many anxiously waiting for their order,

Me,, I just picked up a Mint D200, 24K shots on Shutter, not a mark on it, being a studio camera.

WHY!!!?? good question, First it is my 3rd D200, the first I gave to my oldest Son, the second to well a second Cousin and both learned photography on those bodies. The D200 is an awesome learning camera, it basically can do just as much as the modern DSLR. and the build quality, outstanding,

why do I want it, well, I like the CCD sensor if one keeps the images to ISO 800 or less. I have 4 Zs, and other cameras, so when I need low noise, or better dynamic range, yes, the modern cameras have it beat.

The AF is a hoot, it has 11 AF points but only one cross hair in the center. But, keep it on that center AF pont and wow, its fast, Seriously, can match my Zs in locking AF. ok, maybe a shade faster.

So, how does one shoot with only one AF point,, well exactly how one shoots with the F3, you first set the ISO,, then the Fstop, then exposure, and you then focus the one subject in the center, keeping finger on the button, and then in one smooth motion, you recompose to however you want the placement of the subject and then you take the shot. If you are good at it, you can often match or beat a modern AF system with that technique.

Does this mean, I give up Zs,, never, it is just to have some older bodies around for fun I put a left over 35 1.8 DX lens which is super sharp, and wow, it really produces beautiful images, all for 128 bucks.

Once the feeding frenzy on the Z9 dies down, I'll pick one up sometime next summer,, but... if Nikon announces a Z8 with the same sensor/processor dust shield, I will hold off. because that is really what I want.. PLEASE nikon,

laughs, I wrote for years on this blog for Nikon to produce a mirrorless, as I added Sony, and Fuji full kits, and finally they got it out, but with flaws, first with the only one card slot on the Z7, really Nikon, heck now even your low camera on the FX totem pole Z5 has dual slots, and then your AF was slow, and you knew it was a dust magnet with that huge opening, and moving the sensor sooo far foward.

So now you have fixed the issues, and know exactly how to make the right Z7iiii or Z8, soo Please Mr. Nikon, do us right, and make that pro consumer, compact, Z8 with the right sensors, dust shield, even better AF, and make Nikon the best lineup out there.

oh while you are at it, dress up those lens a bit, sooo boring, at least better lens caps,

anyhow. laughs, a ramble,

oh by the way, the Fc with legacy glass, or Leica glass, what a hoot,, really grand, love it. NIKON come out with the full frame version please! but dust shield!

ok,,, FXc 45 Meg, dust shield, 20 fps, metal bottom, whamo, I am first in line. at oh,, 3000 dollars, hell 2400. oh,,and make an all black version. and don't forget this time to put the slight grip on like an FA or F3.. seriously, don't leave that off.