Why I got the Nikon z50

Michael J.

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First of all, the EM10ii and EM5 ii are great cameras. I know it because I used to have them. The 12-40 2.8 was and is a fantastic lens. However, I had some issues about service in Thailand. The EM10 ii needed an LSD replacing, and I had to wait six months to get it back. The EM5 ii needed after more than a year a shutter replacement, they told me I had to wait at least eight months to get it returned. In my frustration, I sold all my Olympus gear and went to a search.

I was open-minded and did not rule out any brand but in my mind was no m43 again. Even it is a great format. I started my journey with Fuji around 25 years ago. That time I was not so satisfied with the outcome. However, it was sure about my skill that made the Fuji that time not good.

Then I was torn between Nikon and Canon. The handling in the store was on Nikon D80 better so I started my Nikon journey. I got a d80, a d90, a d5100, a d7000, and a d7200, never had any problems with that gear. However, as my age was in the direction more to sixty, I felt I want something not so heavy.

I came to m43. In the store was at that time the choice between a Sony a6000 and Olympus em10 ii.

My daughter loved the Olympus more so I got it.
It was a great camera, bought many lenses, but one day on a very special school event it let me down not. The LCD didn't work nether the view-finder. So, I was unable to get shoots of my daughter’s best performance in the country which she was chosen.

Then I was so frustrated. I got myself a Sony a6300 and gave all my Olympus gear, including the in the meantime repaired EM10 ii to my cousin for free.

Great camera but the ergonomics was not my thing, so I traded it in for a Nikon d7200. It was 2 days before my family vacation. It did a great job as I expected, but the size of the gear was a handicap. My wife saw that I was struggling with it. So, I sold it and got the EM5 ii.
Last December on my all-time vacation with my family, we planned it for many years, at arrival at Chiang Rai; the camera let me down. The shutter was not functioning.

All this in my mind was searching for a camera. Canon, Fuji, Panasonic Nikon, Pentax, etc.

At least, I ended up between the Sony a6400 and the Nikon z50. Sony was in stock and I could test it, the z50 out of stock, even no demo, and had to wait around 2-6 month to get one.

I was communicating with Mike, who is a member here and had the z50 already. I asked him about positives and negatives about the z50.

I was at that time more to a6400, but I knew that the ergonomics was not my thing, but it was available.

I went home and gave it a thought and wrote to the two biggest Camera-stores in Thailand a mail asking for a z50. And believe me or not, one store helped me, and I got the camera on 25th of January.
At my trusted store, they couldn't believe it; I pulled it off.

So, what is great about the camera:

1. The ergonomics over the Olympus is so much better.

2. It is lighter than the EM5 ii.
3. Great high dynamic range
4. Great ISO performance in Low-light

5. Kit lens much better than Olympus kit lens
6. Great grip
7. Battery life is awesome.
8. Charging USB cable
9. I love that I can use BBF again, cos the AE-L/AF-L button is on the right place.
Etc., etc., etc.....

All compared to the EM5 ii and EM 10 ii which were my most beloved cameras.

The longer I use the z50 the more I fall in love with it. Not one day goes by that I don't take a photo with it.


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So glad to hear that Michael. That is good news. I am especially glad that it is lighter than your previous camera making it that much easier for you to handle. That is one of the things that I like about the Z6... although I do not realize it until I try to pick up my Gripped D700 :). As always, I enjoy your tour of Thailand.


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Michael thanks for sharing. I wonderer why you had switched back to Nikon. Hope you never have a need to see how Nikon service is.

Michael J.

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Michael thanks for sharing. I wonderer why you had switched back to Nikon. Hope you never have a need to see how Nikon service is.

I just know that in Thailand, it is not that bad as Olympus or Canon. However, the Panasonic service here is just much worse than Olympus.

And one big reason and decision helper with great talks that helped me a lot to go for Nikon z50 was our member @mikew