Which lens hoods would be better for D80 camera?


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Hi everyone,

I've recently have been given Nikon D80 with the lens 18-55mm by my uncle as an early Christmas as he came from abroad to visit London. I may not be a professional photographer myself but I understand that with or without certain lens hoods, this could create different lighting for the pictures. So could someone recommend me which petal-shaped and circular lens hoods would be great for this camera model with the lens 18-55mm?

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Hi Cherrie,

Lens hoods are lens specific. They have nothing to do with the camera model. You have to look at the diameter of the lens (usually written on the back of the lens cap). With the lens model and aperture, go to a photo store and I'm sure they can fit it with one.

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The lens cap you want for the 18-55 lens is Nikon HB-45. It is not petal shaped.

There is a rubber collapsible one that screws onto the front that is also available.

The size for both is 52mm


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lens hoods are primary to prevent flair or ghosts in the image. most of your shots will never have that issue. I have never seen the issue with my 18x55.

Personally, my lens hoods are all piled in a heap, hate them. slow down putting on filters, aways in the way, pain to put on lens cap, yuck.

I look at a picture that I might have an issue during framing, and occasionally sheld the sun with my hand or a piece of cardboard.

Once in a great while a ghost or sun spot will sneak into an image, and then PS away,, the magic of digital editing.

but, many will recommend using them, just my own bias against them.

About the only ones I like are the old ones that were built into the lens by sliding out, cool. but
laughs, I never use those either.