Which color print film ?


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Which color print film is a good choice nowadays? I’m getting back into 35MM and my old standbys, Kodachrome, Ektachrome, are fond memories. There are new films like Kodak Gold and numerous others, which ones stand out.?

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Here's a relatively recent article that discusses film stocks... I say "relatively recent"... The film stock area is changing very very fast... <-- Again, I say "changing" not in the sense that it's changing but more that film stocks are being dropped... Another issue for serious film hobbyists is where to get it processed... and then whether you're going to direct print and develop yourself, or whether you're going to scan and convert to digital...


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I'm not sure if I ever tried the Velvia 100 that Horoscope Fish is suggesting, but it would definitely be one I'd want to try. Fuji used to make some type of Velvia slides that was the go-to for pro landscape photographers. The last 35mm film I used was Kodak Max 400 - it offered bright color saturation and contrast. If it is still available, I'd suggest giving it a try.

Kodak used to offer two different types of Portra films. One was geared more for people with lower color saturation and less contrast. Definitely not for what I wanted but highly recommended for portraits and weddings. I can't remember the other Kodak Porta film they made, but I do remember neither one was pleasing for my landscapes.


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At the end of the day, it all comes down to the tones you prefer. I'd make a corny suggestion and say try a roll of each. I remember in school, colleagues and teachers alike would like to label certain film stock for specific occasions and definitely there were reasoning behind them. However, now that I'm revisiting film again, I have been mix matching different rolls with different styles -fashion with a Superia Xtra 400, landscape with Portra 400, street with Gold 200 & Ultra Max 400, etc. Each roll has such different tones and reacts differently depending on lighting -tones in highlights and shadows. I'd say try them all out!