Which Auto Focus Mode/Auto Focus Area is best for sporting events?

Which Auto-Focus Mode & Auto-Focus Area action sporting events for grandchildren?

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Hi folks! I am looking for opinions on Auto Focus for my grandchildren's sporting events. Such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. Which Auto Focus Mode and which Auto Focus Area do you recommend for actions shots for these kind of sports? In the past with my D90, I used "continuous mode." I also used the "spot" area. Your opinions would be invaluable to me. Thanks in advance. :)


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Look into Dynamic Area focus to use with these fast-moving, random motion activities. It should work with either AF-S and AF-C mode.


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Well, AF-C mode and the dynamic area AF points are for following action. When shutter is half-pressed, and the subject moves around in the frame, focus will follow them in AF-C. D7100 manual (page 73) says 21 points for sports and 51 for fast action like birds. But unless you have Focus Priority set (page 231), be sure you hold half pess long enough for it to focus first.

When the subject is static, I use AF-S and single point.