Weird problem: Camera never really off, draining batteries.


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Z6 II with a MB-N11 Battery Grip with two real, honest-to-goodness Nikon Batteries. All firmware updated except for this brand new one I just now heard about.

Camrea has nikkor z 50mm f/1.2 s attached.

Charged my batteries and put the whole thing up on my tripod , turned it off, and came back a day or two later.

Both batteries in the grip Dead as dirt.

Repeated process and super made sure it was totally turned off.

Same thing, two days later, no power at all.

Definitely the batteries are drained, they take the whole normal time to recharge as if they were empty.

I did notice that an LCD light was still on when I turned the camera off and wasn't really sure what that was about.


Sidenote: the Grip has always been a bit buggy, telling me I have an incompatible battery and it can't be used. So, I tighten it a touch and then it works fine, aggravating.

Never had this problem before but only got the 501.2s recently and haven't gotten to use it much and not sure if I have left it on the camera before for any extended period Usually I detach everything and store everything seperate.

Is it the lens???


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Do you have Bluetooth turned off? Does it do it when the lens isn’t attached? Does it do it with the lens attached but not the battery grip? I’ve never experienced this with my z7ii gripped with the mb-n11grip, my B battery hasn’t been changed in months. What grip are you using?