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Will this silly software ever work easily. This error pops up over the years of trying to use this most frustrating SW. It will be working fine and then in the middle of viewing a folder of images it start giving this message. I'm using Windows 10 with the latest updates and NX-i version 1.33, but as I said this issues has happened in the past with other versions and all Nikon's updates and versions have done nothing to help this issue. Please don't tell me to use a different SW, none of Nikon's software works very well with Windows and needs to be restarted all the time or simply locks up for no reason. What I'm really looking for is someone who has a solution (I know use a different program that actually works) or has at least seen this behavior before.


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i had problems with it too, i used to uninstall then reinstall it, and it would work ok for a while, eventually installed Capture-NX-D another free Nikon program.

Its a little different and will take a time get used to.


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I don't know these to be solutions for your specific problem, but as a general solution this has fixed other problem software for me.

Right click the start icon for nx-i. Run it as administrator. See if that helps.

Next time, try right clicking the icon again. Choose properties and then the compatibility tab. You can run the troubleshooter, but like most Microsoft troubleshooters, it will probably not help. So just go ahead and check the boxes to run in compatibility mode for windows 8 or 7. See if that helps. You can lock in 'run as administrator' here too if that helped. I've had good luck trying this with other problem software. I would try it even if you had the same problem with past versions of windows.

I don't know if the nef codec affects nx-i (it shouldn't), but you might as well make sure its updated if you are working with raw files.


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Thanks guys for the feedback. I have also used NX-D but found that will do the same thing at times. Both will be working fine, and then, hang up, refuse to shutdown, and sometimes lock up the whole W10 computer. It's just strange that it will give the 'failed to load image' error on pictures that I have opened many times before and can open with other programs. Usually, weeks later when I'm looking for another image and enter the old problem folder, it no longer has an error opening them ..sometimes?
I keep hoping someday, some new version will actually work consistently but I think all they are doing is adding code to the existing mess.


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Glad this was here. Right in the middle of processing, I kept getting failed to load image. Running as Administrator worked!!

Thanks @nickt!


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i used to use nx-i for my raw file editing which is not necessary anymore with Camera Raw available. what i do use it for is as a viewer/launcher into Photoshop/CR but i haven't seen the errors the OP described. i never had to start it using Run as Admin. i either start it by double clicking the desktop icon or from Transfer 2 which is setup to start nx-i once a transfer is complete.