The new AFP 70-300 — vr and/or/not ibis?

Borga Voffe

Senior Member
Got a shiny new demo AFP 70-300 FX f/4.5-5.6E ED VR

As a company for my Z5 in my walks into wilderness, as I am old and weak, photogear have to have no weight.

I dont shoot birds, sorry.

I shoot landscapes and nice far away beauties, like the summits far away I walked when I was young.


should I just leave the VR and the IBIS on Nikon on on both?

About tripod,
VR off?
And IBIS still on?

Will post some test photos soon.

Fred Kingston

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If you're shooting from a tripod, I'd turn everything OFF. I'm sure Nikon (and every other camera maker) would love you to buy all their new features, but sometimes, you simply don't need them, and they just complicate and degrade your efforts. JMO


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Yup, keep it on when hand holding and turn it off when its on the tripod. Nikon says it autodetects when on a tripod, but its pretty easy to just turn it off when its not needed. The i button on the back of the camera can be set up to have a shortcut to turn off ibis, if its something you do often.

Borga Voffe

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Just a try out. On 300 mm
Both on, both ibis and vr
Was to windy to get any decent
Had it on 2sec shutter and on a (too wiggly) tripod