Suggested settings for D300


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Hi i have just purchased a D300 camera which i will be using either a Nikon 18-200mm vr ( autofocus no longer works ) or a combination of Nikon 18-70mm + Nikon 70-210 older lens.
Could you recommend any settings for general landscape/close up photography.


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I promise you I'm not being flippant. If this is a question you have to ask then I highly recommend using P or Auto until you can figure it out. Or do the Scott Kelby leave me alone I'm on vacation approach and just shoot in aperture priority at f22 and you'll get everything (he actually said that).


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And with the desire to not leave you hanging and knowing nothing about you and your level of experience other than this post...
1. Read the manual (you can likely find a PDF online) and learn how the functions on your camera work.
2. Do some digging and find some blogs and videos that explain the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and how changing one impacts the other.
3. Do some digging and find some blogs and videos that explain the relationship between aperture and Depth of Field and how changing aperture impacts DoF.
4. Practice, practice, practice and experiment with various settings, and take a hard look at how changing one thing impacts another thing.

I understand your desire for an answer to your question, but anything anyone tells you is wrong - especially if they say there's something that works for both of your photography types. You are the photographer, you have an idea of the kinds of pictures you want, so need to figure out what works for you.

I'm dead serious about shooting in an Automatic mode. Not just to get the photos you want but to study what the image looks like and what the SS and Aperture settings were when you took it. You can actually use Auto to learn, and a lot more people probably should.