Such a lot to learn?


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Hello, this is my first time posting.
I am revisiting photography having purchased my first SLR in 1980. A long time ago.
Currently I have a D3300 that I have owned since 2014. I am quickly realising there is loads I do not know about what is described as a starter dslr.
I have got a copy of d3300 for dummies (I’m not easily offended) this makes me realise there is more to taking a photo than just the green Auto setting.
At the same time as teaching myself on the Nikon I’m also trying to fathom a Panasonic TZ95. When I got the TZ95 I thought I’d made a big mistake the quality of my photos was shocking. Thanks to You Tube I’m taming iso white balance etc and I’m taking reasonable photos.
But this is a Nikon site, so I’m hoping to learn and contribute. I’m starting to recall how easy it is to get swept along by everyone trying to convince you that the latest shiny thing is what you have to own. I nearly purchased a D7500 by being swept along. I had it in the checkout basket. I decided to leave it there and learn to thoroughly understand what I already own D3300 first. Anyway I’m in full waffle. Thanks Pete.


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Yes, there is a lot to learn. I was into film photography back in the day. I moved on to other hobbies before digital hit the scene. Got back into it a couple years ago when my daughter caught the bug. The features available in even an "entry" level digital camera is staggering. I think you made a good decision in waiting on upgrading your camera. The knowledge and skill of the photographer is the most important feature of good photography. You will undoubtedly want to upgrade at some point, but having a good idea of what you really want and need will help you make a better decision, especially if budget is a concern. I would also mention that since you don't have much invested in DSLR equipment, that you might want to look at the mirrorless systems, as this is what all the manufacturers are moving to. Nikon has announced that they will no longer be developing new DSLR cameras., only mirrorless. Don't worry, DSLRs will be around for quite a while, although all the new advances will be mirrorless.

Just to illustrate, here is a picture I took a while back with my D3400 and kit lens.


And here's one of the same tree I took recently with my Nikon Z5, full frame camera and S series lens. You can debate differences in techniques and choices, but you would be hard pressed to discern which was taken with the more expensive and up to date camera and lens just by looking at the photos.


I would also recommend that you look into a class that focuses on digital photography. I was well versed in film photography, but my daughter and I took a series of classes, just 5 one hour classes, and I learned a lot that would have been much more difficult to dig out on my own. You don't have to take a college course in it, although that would be great. Look around in your local area for classes and seminars that may fit your experience level and interests. Another suggestion is that if you are not post processing your photos, you will need to incorporate this into your shooting. This is one of the major advantages of digital over film. As I have learned more about editing, I have gone back and re-edited pictures I took as much as a year prior, and made significant improvements to those images. It's always a learning game.

Sorry for the long winded post. I sometimes get carried away.

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Welcome to the forum! My personal philosophy on new gear is keep going on what I have until it is limiting me from something I want to do. But I also am a believer in buying things that I can grow into, so I will not always take the least expensive path. Life is a balance of things, right?