Spot On The Sensor


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Hello, really didn't see a better place for this so since it is on my D40 I put it here. I have a spot on pictures shown here, upper left. What I'm wondering is how that spot in the upper left translates to the location on the CCD? I have a wet/dry cleaning kit and I don't want to put this camera up for sale with that spot. Here is the picture.


Thank You and have a great Saturday.


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Everything you see on an image is rotated 180° relative to what the sensor sees. So if it's in the top left of the image, the dust will be in the bottom right of the sensor.

Now, when you turn the camera around to look into the mirror chamber, that will rotate the sensor and the dust spot will be in the bottom left as you look in.

As for cleaning, just clean the whole sensor and not worry about the physical location of a particular chuck of real estate on the sensor. Plow everything off the sensor and call it a day.


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Thank You all for the information, I appreciate it. I have cleaned the sensor and it looks fine, now I feel better about passing it along.


There are a few small wispy white tufts in the picture but those are clouds, the spot is history....Thanks Again. :encouragement: