Solution for: Type a post, change your mind, erase the words...oops, it is still there when you go back to the page.

Dawg Pics

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Clear as mud? I thought so.
Ever type in a reply and change your mind about posting it? You erase all of it, then later, you go back to that thread, and the text you erased is still sitting there waiting for you to 'post' your reply. :oops: I have the solution. :)

If you look at the toolbar above your post, there is a little 'floppy disk' icon. That is a "Save Draft" icon. Now and then while you are typing, it flashes a little green dot. It is saving your text as a "draft." If you want to permanently erase your "draft," click on that icon, and it will give you the option to "Delete Draft." Click that and your text will no go away, forever. Type a reply and not sure if you want to keep it? Just save it as a draft and go back to it later.

I haven't seen a solution for this before. I know we talked about the text not going away. Anyway, I'll delete this thread if the 'Draft' icon has been discussed.