Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 - Which CPL filter?


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Which CPL filter would be good with the Sigma?
I see items like Tiffen , Hoya, B+W, K&F Concept, NEEWER, Urth, etc.
Looking @ Tiffen I see two models ...Tiffen 72CP 72mm Circular Polarizer ($25) and
Tiffen 72mm Digital HT Multi Coated Circular Polarizer($89.99) is the 2nd one worth the extra $$$$?

Best Seller on Amazon is the 72mm Circular Polarizers Filter, K&F Concept 72MM Circular Polarizer Filter HD 28 Layer Super Slim Multi-Coated CPL Lens Filter (Nano-X Series)


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Beware of no name Amazon filters. Some of them have plastic elements and will severely degrade image quality. I was given a set of Altura filters for my 200-500. I tried the UV and noticed my images were very soft with the filter on. I looked closely at them and they obviously use plastic for the filter material. The polarizer might be glass, it has a different sound when tapping it with my fingernail.
I need to try it and see how it performs.

BF Hammer

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You spend for better with circ polarizers. Since it is 2 separate elements with one that rotates, light reflection on the different surfaces is an issue. The extra cost that helps goes into anti-glare coatings.


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I would recommend that you use your computer to evaluate the CPL filter to find best good one with the Sigma. The most expensive filter is not always the best. and a cheaber one might actually be the best.


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B&W is a good brand. When in doubt, that's what I have always gone with and I've always been happy. Some cheap polarizers can degrade the image and produce strange color casts.