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Just wondering what the life span is for a (properly oriented) CR2016 in a FotoTech remote shutter release. I have two and put new batteries in both a couple months ago but neither worked over the weekend. Either they died quickly or I've forgotten how to use them.


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If it is an IR remote be sure the camera is set to remote mode. I find the IR remote doe not like to work from behind the camera to the side is OK.

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I just tried to google what that item is. Need more information because there are several different products to choose from. Is this a simple IR remote with just a single button? Is it a radio device that requires another item to be connected to the camera? Is it an intervalometer with a LCD display on it and a wire that plugs into the camera? I get hits for all of those type of products.

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The Amazon feedback for the Foto & Tech ML-L3 (3v button cell) suggests if you don't remove the battery when you aren't using it, they die quickly. So, it has a lot of battery drain just sitting there. You might look up your model on Amazon and see what people are saying about it.


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