quick question about the d2h and d2hs


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hello im new here and been reading around and found this place to be very helpful so i had to register. i just had one quick question about the d2h and d2hs. do they have a built in focus motor? and which lenses would be compatible thanks in advance


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Yes I believe they do have the focus motor. Pretty much all AF Nikkor lenses should work fine. I don't think any older non-ai lenses can be used, but you can use ai Nikkor lenses too as long as you don't mind manual mode.
But if you stick to AF or AF-S Nikkor f mount lenses you should be good to go with auto focus! If I'm wrong or left something out I'm sure someone will correct me.lol There are other brands that will work too. Just be sure to check that they are made for Nikon and are either auto focus or ai lenses! :D