Post Your Z8 Shots


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Well here we go...
20230529 DM Farm-0273.jpg
20230529 DM Farm-0282.jpg
20230529 DM Farm-0315.jpg


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Some of my brothers. It was a very bright day. I tried something I had not done before. I shot my photos with a Variable Neutral Density filter with 2-5 stops. That let me shoot @2.8 using my Nikon Z 24-70 f2.8 S lens.
20230603SBMC SHARPER RUN-0407.jpg
20230603SBMC SHARPER RUN-0404.jpg

20230603SBMC SHARPER RUN-0391.jpg
20230603SBMC SHARPER RUN-0398.jpg
20230603SBMC SHARPER RUN-0400.jpg
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Z8, Canon 70-200 F4L, 800IS0, F6.3, 180° shutter angle, 4.1K, 24fps, Nraw-Nlog high quality, Rode NTG 4+ direct to camera, autofocus animal detect.