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West Virginia, Country Store Sunset

Country Store at Sunset.jpg


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Here are a couple of Sunsets out at Presque Isle State Park using a non digital Camera Nikon F100 and Fuji Film. You would think I would remember the setting lens etc because I forgot to carry a little note pad. Ever since my Nikon FM the battery case cracked causing the short and killing the battery. Once I found out the part of the plastic case broke and actually jamb the the film advance mechanism I started a search on repairing. Only to find out you have to go from the top of the camera to get at the battery case while removing the shutter box! It is easier to work on a laptop!! Anyway I did pick up a couple of deals on non-function Nikon FM but all it needed was battery and the only thing broken was the lever for DOF preview other wise it function normally. I even added a Nikon FA and a sticky Nikon F100 with a broken latch which was easy to repair and use 70% alcohol to remove the stickiness. So I am not sure which lens or Nikon body was used. I used Bryan Peterson on doing sunsets as a baseline for exposure. Unlike digital you won't know until developing. I used the "the darkroom" out in California for developing and scanning the images. I finished them off with Affinity Photo for the digital darkroom. When I go out I take both the digital and film cameras and enjoy using both.
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