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Well, I signed up for the creative cloud and started using Lr6. Tried the HDR merge this morning going from under to over exposed shot of the sunrise. It took a long time on my old laptop to process the photo, but I think it could be a lot of fun. It did save it as a DNG file after it was done. I think it could be interesting.

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Cloudy and liquid sunshine later at Presque Isle State Park in Erie. We had a MeetUP for the 6AM to Noon with a 10AM Digital Photography Special Interest Group meeting and the DSLR Basic Class. With Erie PA Weather its a guarantee we will get weather. All in all it worked out albeit the smattering of liquid sunshine. This one I took with the original kit lens that came with D70's the 18mm-70mm F/3.5-4.5. I showed the class the difference from the current kit lens and why I picked up a used one. Anyway did find a couple of dust spots but cloned them out. I think the exposure was 3 sec.
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Waited about a half hour for my lens to acclimate to the outside temps after being in a very cold room and was disappointed with the cloud cover.

Came back about a half hour later

Through the breezeway